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Carlo a.k.a. 'DocBrown' Feb 26
For today’s it’s cult-classic Bloodlines’ recently released OST! Fits the game perfectly. Only wish it had included the licensed tracks that played in the game’s clubs. 90s industrial is sorely missed.
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Carlo a.k.a. 'DocBrown' Oct 16
For a new pickup: ’s pressing of the fantastic OST! ’s work evokes the best of classic PC RPGs. It reminded me of the criminally under appreciated , which apparently he also composed!
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Carlo a.k.a. 'DocBrown' Mar 5
Slightly belated . is a great game. Its soundtrack is not. I held off on picking up this record because I’m rarely in the mood for forgettable atmospheric noise. However ’s awesome gatefold pushes me over the edge. Will sit on my shelf.
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Carlo a.k.a. 'DocBrown' Mar 11
For this week’s , I found a copy of at my local ! It’s a collection of mid 80s to early 90s Japanese VG music, which happens to be my sweet spot. My gf thinks it’s obnoxious, but to me it’s heaven. Opposites attract!
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Carlo a.k.a. 'DocBrown' Oct 23
For here’s my recent acquisition of ’s pressing of the soundtrack! This brings back so many memories. It’s tough to see in this light, the the discs are a gorgeous transparent smoky green. Sweet.
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Carlo a.k.a. 'DocBrown' Oct 30
Getting my in in the nick of time! Continuing last week’s ‘Metal’ name theme, here’s gorgeous pressing of ! Always been a fan of the beautiful sprite work, now I’m also a fan of the upbeat music!
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