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Craig Davis 3h
Replying to @E1ee5e @Vic_Rollison
Wasteful troll.
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Bruce in The Borders May 18
He doesn’t GAS about folk like you, you’re just a to him. Wait until you can’t afford your healthcare insurance, maybe you’ll work it out then.
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Steve Latham May 15
What exactly is a ?
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TravisD May 11
Replying to @drvox @AOC
is a . At the top of her game, for sure, but it never was HER game. She was recruited and presented and told what to say.
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Lorraine Harvey May 16
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SugarMakesMeSleepy May 17
have you noticed that Jimmy Dore will always shit on the Clinton’s but will be silent about John Bolton screaming for war, Mueller saying Barr lied etc etc? I bet he’ll be silent now the Flynn transcripts showing “collusion” are being released.
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Outward Rant May 16
Replying to @danpfeiffer
Trump philosophy: You stroke my ego, I’ll give you anything you want. This makes him any EASY TARGET for FOREIGN INFLUENCE.
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Holly Kay Holway Ringo May 15
Almost funny folks, They’re still trying to hang their hat on the notion trumps more than a 🙄
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Peter K. Szabo May 17
Replying to @HowardA_Esq
Are you a Doctor or just another ?
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Phil La Duke May 16
China is not taking your jobs. Automation and corporate greed are taking your jobs. What's worse is you jobs don't pay what they used to, nor do they have the benefits they used to. To buy into the lies.
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RafaelSánchezAballí May 13
Replying to @LavenderNRed @codepink
Take a plane to Venezuela and go live there for a year with your family and let me know how much you like it.
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TravisD May 13
Replying to @AOC
No shit, now change it. You’re in the position to affect change. If you do, I’ll support you. Don’t be a
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TravisD May 10
Who gets a 14 day loan from a stranger?
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Tom Shafer May 17
Replying to @RadioGuyChris
Like I've said, Tulsi is Jill Stein 2.0, with much the same wackadoodle cult following. Also, she's a for Putin.
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Bruce in The Borders May 14
Replying to @Rachael_Swindon
Eh? So you support Brexit. Good work
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Buster Moorgate May 13
I've read it, and you are a
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truthaddict May 14
is when Red State rural voters finally declare "ENOUGH" after having had their trust manipulated by GOP and Evangelical leaders for years. That vulnerability has now been exploited by a hostile foreign adversary of U.S.
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ponita May 17
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
Crooked bonespurs snowflake.
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Lt. Dan May 15
Why? so he can prepare his defense?! Matt's been a fine 🇷🇺 why stop now?
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Mark Johns 11h
Congratulations for being a for the You and are more worried about currying media favor than you are with stoping the from destroying our country. Better have your next job lined up because wont forget.
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