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Anonymous 16h
Follow yor leader! August 18, 2019 at 03:00AM
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Hazardplane6 Aug 16
You get your info from ?
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John Galt's Plumber Aug 14
Juan Williams' Democrat party has relentlessly implied that ICE agents and their boss, Trump, are Nazis. Now nut cases are violently attacking ICE agents and facilities and Williams blames "rhetoric coming from the bully pulpit of the presidency."
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Rob Schneeweiss Aug 13
Sounds like a beautiful utopia. A sea of homeless, rampant drug addiction and open drug use, piles of human shit everywhere, hordes of rats, and the return of the Bubonic Plague. But tell me more about how Trump is so terrible....
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K Gtano 19h
Replying to @MrAndyNgo
Carrying water for fascism here. You know they'll put your in the death camps too. Because you aren't white and thus will never be accepted by the fascists.
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Jonathan Root 7h
Yes vote against your interests.
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JJ MendIovitz Aug 10
Replying to @ReaganWorld
Finally you’re standing up to the
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E Bow the Letter Aug 17
Replying to @ElMongo9 @jpc_uk and 2 others
You drive up EU support in Ireland. That's why I'm highlighting your tweets. 🤣🤣
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Rob PH 11h
You have my vote for the biggest loser on internet. Get a life.
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Terry Aug 14
She’s a Red Sparrow. Helps manage the
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James O Aug 11
Replying to @BigFukkinDave
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CitizenX Aug 17
Replying to @ClaraSorrenti
Lol a pontificating socialist Canadian ,
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BaftyCrastard Aug 16
Oh the irony is so strong with this one.
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davematlack33 Aug 14
Guess you didn’t see Mueller in front of Congress.
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ArianaGic/Аріянॳць 8h
Leave it to Miller and other Russophile/Russocentric journalists to get pissed about being asked not to use Moscow’s dishonest propaganda terminology of “separatists” to describe the Russian occupation forces in Ukraine by the Ukrainian government.
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Maize&BlueBlood 11h
Replying to @WatchChad
My favorite gag, is when he puts children in cages, separates them from their parents, and LOSES thousands of them. Classic!
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Bob Justice Aug 17
We, the ppl of this country. Deserve far better than these vagabonds. Nothing more than accoutrements of the establishment. Coz 'lord' kinnock was the perfect as Thatcher accelerated the destruction of Britain. He's cushdy now. A choccy medal for a job well served😤.
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BipartisanOrBust Aug 17
Replying to @BipartisanOr
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Hazardplane6 Aug 17
Replying to @OMGTheMess
She is a dimwit to the people really in charge
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(((mia))) ❄️🇪🇺 #FBPE #PeoplesVote Aug 16
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