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David Vuorio 11h
Replying to @F_Kaltheuner
Does saying the in practice mandates count as "disinformation" still? Or could we take this to the logical conclusion where the Commission sues itself?
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today asked about the protests and . I supported him optically. :)
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zoobab "NO Software Patents" 11h
Leak: Upload filters made by AI robots are back to kill the European internet SMEs once again
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Jamie Foxworthy Jul 10
Replying to @Jamie_Foxworthy
IBM specializes in AI now. Obviously, they want to sell their , like Audible Magic.
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Julia Reda Mar 27
Don’t be fooled: If the UK government votes against the proposal in the final vote in Council, the directive will not be adopted! They plan to vote in favour and then blame the EU for in their domestic debate.
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Stop ACTA2 Operations Mar 14
We are collectively organising a protest on 16.03.2019 in Nürnberg to say no to . If you want to as well, with us. Be there!
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Nadia E. Apr 3
Bundestag discussion tomorrow at 17.00 is an opportunity to block . Consider investing 3 minutes to do this now:
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Maxime Lambrecht Mar 28
Dear Internet, For posterity's sake, shall we make a collection of declarations by proponents of the that () does not require in any way?
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Anonymous Worldwide Jun 5
European Court of Justice says to Austria, they can globally block any content even if general monitoring is forbidden and such a block would require filtering that means monitoring users.
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Bailey, like the drink 🎗️🏴‍☠️🏴 Mar 23
Over ~250K~ people took to the streets today to protest & the EU . Fucking incredible. Congrats Europe, ya did great! 👏✊🏴‍☠️💜
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zoobab "NO Software Patents" Jul 15
Making lawmakers powerless in internet 4.0: "creating a more resilient global internet that is censorship-resistant" by
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Aytgh #SaveYourInternet #stopACTA2 Mar 15
Axel Voss has admitted that the EU and its is going to require for online platforms to comply with its insane demands. He also accepts the fact this law will kill countless websites and shutdown the UGC in the EU.
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Wolfgang Blau Mar 26
Can't help but notice: The EU Parliament gets exited about 5 million signatures for the UK petition against while it ignores the 5 million signatures against . Which one is it?
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Florian Mueller Apr 12
Three key events today: Sweden changed stance from Yes to No after parliamentary committee vote. Estonia tells EU Council directive not balanced, new government and parliament need time. Germany STILL unable to agree on text of declaration.
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FixCopyright #SaveYourInternet Apr 15
Replying to @FixIt_EU
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Kate Moody Mar 28
Replying to @kateamoody
Will recognize cases of parody or caricature once the is implemented? Unlikely, since "machines don't have a sense of humor"
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Creative Commons Mar 26
The European Parliament has adopted the copyright directive 348-274. The EU will get and a counterproductive right for press publishers.
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Yesterday the EU's fatal copyright directive including and came into force. We will not cease to fight Internet censorship and are preparing the next steps
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Mattias Bjärnemalm Mar 26
What? just claimed that there is no reason to vote against the copyright directive as we will have even if they are not imposed by law.
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Fight for the Future Dec 3
If H.R. 1695 is passed the White House could be pressured to appoint a Register of Copyrights that would push things like website blocking, term extensions, and mandatory à la . Call your Senators at 1-916-823-9612 asap!
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