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UnplannedMovie 12h
The Canadians threatened when their film industry &Gov't banned MOVED MOUNTAINS. Look at this:
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jodie k 10h
If anyone hasnt seen please go n watch it
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Thanks to for sharing her story on our IFA prayer call Friday. What a gracious but fearless fighter for life she is! Keep praying for her and her impact! Miss the call? Listen here: (712) 775-7432;2452#
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The Torch | Boston College's Catholic Newspaper May 21
Have you had the chance to see yet? The movie follows the story of as she moves from Planned Parenthood Employee to Pro-Life activist.
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omotenashi-cx 12h
As an baby, thankfully brought to term and given away for adoption, I can't bring myself to watch the myself. I think I would find it too traumatic. Fortunately, I don't need convincing....
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Grandin Media | Alberta Catholic News May 24
Makers of ‘in negotiations’ toward screening deal. A deal for showing the movie in 10 to 20 Canadian cities may be announced as early as next week. Read:
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Josh Canning May 21
Hey what’s the deal? Let the customer decide if they want to see it or not
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❌❌IrelandsAuschwitz❌❌ May 21
1600 babies killed since January 1st and you think it’s a good thing. Go watch . When people see it they’ll turn against abortion like the USA is doing
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J. Brian Huffling May 17
Extremely powerful. Thank you and for what you do.
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Jamey webster May 20
This is my grandson. He is 5 months new right now. He is being knit together in his mother’s womb. He has a heart beat. He has people eagerly and anxiously awaiting his arrival. He is a child and we love him already.
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NE Family Alliance May 17
“I just … heard everyone gasping and I thought to myself, ‘Oh my gosh, this really isn’t normal, what I’m doing every day. This isn’t normal. I’ve been trained to believe that it is, but it’s not.'”
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#MaríaJoséMancino🤱👩‍⚕️ May 24
Exactly,we are strong enough to go through this circumstances and help another women!! Don't give us superficial solutions,we are more than that.
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Ham and Christy May 21
It would only make sense to not screen if the movie would result in loss of profit for the distributors. The article cites 18M at box office in the US though.
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abby johnson · @abbyjohnson
Roger Hanson May 21
Human life begins at conception.
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Shells Stoop 12h
please consider adding some mainstream Christian content - like Mary Magdelene, Paul and . Thanks!
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Nafaazu Chirno May 21
Replying to @UnplannedMovie
Certain cities refused Paul and his team from preaching the gospel there. It's not strange these nations are doing the same. Also, the fact that they are doing it doesn't mean that is not a good movie.
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BK May 16
Why can’t this movie be seen in Canada I want to see it there’s lots of people in Canada that want to see it it’s a true story. How dare the film industry force censorship!!!
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Kyle Walker May 21
Unborn babies have Dreams looking out of the Mother’s Womb, feel their Hand, or foot as if on a Window imaging what it’s like to be Loved,Read Tomorrow’s Future Yesterday's Past: A Book of Poetry
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Timothy Ryan May 21
Canada has spoken up. Unplanned Movie 🎥 is impacting lives of countless women in US, now it will in Canada! 🇨🇦
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#TheKingsDaughter May 18
Making a stand for the unborn.. .. needs to get to Africa like yesterday!
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