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Adam Growe 26 Jul 16
b/c of how he conceived , in ‘76 ’s image was in 1st logo for what computer company?
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Kellie Jones 20 Jul 16
Discovering the and the dangers of under my
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Lars Exotic 25 Dec 14
12/25/1642 Sir Isaac Newton was born. Next time you eat an apple be thankful for gravity.
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Everything Serious May 11
Replying to @TakeThatGravity
Says reality?🤣👇 Sorry little one, you can home to mummy or show us examples of how your occurs elsewhere in nature as a natural phenomenon(?) supposedly applies to all masses on Earth
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Stephan V. 8 Sep 14
Damn Earth, you're so attractive.
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Everything Serious May 8
What happened to your ? Does it not apply to any mass? And if so, where are the moon’s ? Why doesn’t the moon have meteor impact residue floating all around it after “billions” of years?
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Brendon 8 Nov 12
Girls are attracted to me and I KNOW it. My good friend Sir Isaac Newton can prove it to you. 'mGood
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Tans' 3 Dec 12
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/home/Monkey!!! 18 Jul 13
Replying to @LSDsr @Prophecy_YEC
You're confused between the and . @ScientiaPerceptpp
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