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GEI Oct 18
Replying to @united
These reunions never get old for me. Love ‘em.
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Tim Eggerman Oct 11
worst airline ever!!!
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Richard Price 13h
the butt crack of the airline industry
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Skeets 22h
: If I want to fly on fucking Spirit, I would booked on Spirit. Congratulations on becoming even shittier
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J. Fletcher Drogos Oct 17
UA802 sitting in the plane for 45 minutes without AC it’s 95 degrees. And you have rude staff. Thanks for making us late and uncomfortable.
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Christine Valada Is Home Again Oct 11
This is . It allows terrorists to wear their threats on their clothing. It did not take this asshole off the plane. It doesn’t want people to complain when they feel threatened. United Air Lines apparently does not have a Twitter account. At least, I can’t find it.
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Risk.diaries Oct 17
Oh can u decide. We board, the they get us off. App says new boarding time 356; gate says 430; lounge says don’t trust gate. What’s going on UA366
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Dr. Mehrzad Mahdavi, PhD 21h
Hey ! Boarding in Group1 hoping for a bit of “priority seating”. By the time, I board, half the plane is already full with all kinds of priority levels! Gold/Platinum doesn’t mean anything anymore. Overfilling planes not a good biz strategy
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Robert Grenader 🌊 Oct 18
Ok All I what to do is get on UA679 from ORD to ROC. FLIGHT IS 4 Hours late. What is this Aeroflot
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Marcel Düssil - Oct 17
Denver is over. Waiting for my flight to San Jose
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Thank you to for conversing with us this afternoon! Had a good time at the power networking fireside chat
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Mark Kresse Oct 17
standing in a LAS growing Additional Services line due to tech delay of ORD flight. Where is surge capacity to care for customers?
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GFB 16h
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Jaime Alcántara 3h
Replying to @JaimeAlcntara
Flight seems to be cancelled -passengers are not getting their lugagge and waiting at the airport 930
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Mark James Presson Oct 16
Had great service on a flight last week. Above expectations.
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Claudio B Cunha Oct 14
Shame for the mess on flight
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Mark Jaques 16m
lounge in Manchester UK wins the award for the crappiest Longe I have ever been in - and that’s saying something as I’ve been in many of the ones!
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John Drebinger Jr Oct 17
Great customer service by Denver Gate Agent Ronald Flt. 976 he was very helpful with an older couple. Also on board Flight Attendant Christian was very friendly and helpful.
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Gary R. Gallagher Oct 11
United airlines has the worst customer service in the industry!
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Court 48m
Why ? Why have I come to expect you to always have some major schedule problem when I book a flight with you? It’s always something - delays, reschedules, you name it. No flight crew?! Are you kidding? Seriously. Get it together.
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