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Natee 'Misery made me a fiend' Dec 5
A shaky hand from low blood sugars is useful for drawing pterosaur fuzz. Actually, no, don't do that. ¬__¬'
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Rachael 10 Jan 10
Oh finally getting it to work. Staring intensely at the iPod, does make it sync. That, and you know having the right settings.
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F. Wesley Schneider 19 Apr 13
Always believe people who tell you they are THE author on a 600-page book with dozens of names on the credits page.
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Burt 13 Dec 10
: Leaving onions in a food processor for too long creates a powerful tear gas.
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francesc 11 Feb 16
Replying to @francesc
Related: what's the opposite of ? ? ? ?
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Standard Definition 20 Jun 14
there's a difference between unprofessional and disrespectful
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Paul McBrier Jr. 6 Jul 10
I do not suggest writing your novel on blackberry storm 1, your WPM can not be better only using your thumbs.
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Elaine Reddy 15 Jan 13
You know what your busy entrepreneur boyfriend loves? When you DM him several times a week asking him for opinions on furniture.
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Vox Que'Varian 21 Feb 17
Replying to @McFunkypants
this is my favorite unprotip and the one I follow religiously. Also unprotip should be hashtagged.
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Lady Nisha 30 Dec 16
"Rahul is awesome" , get 10000 comments to explain why he is not.. 10-15 likes, No RTs 😱😱
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Replying to @thefix
Giving a shit about this stuff is why your insights are often always 110% wrong. MT . Correct
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Jeff Horste 6 Oct 16
Starting advice with "Pro tip" doesn't actually make you a "pro" in that field at all. , cut that shit out.
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Caley Fretz 16 Jun 16
Replying to @pgball
The key is to implode at the very end.
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rat mom 21 Feb 16
Replying to @trazhqueen
@HANN1BABY like nah fam, a class shorter than the time it takes to get there is a class not worth going
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🍟Thibaud🍟@ mix commissions 💋 17 Feb 16
wanna make something sound more epic ? duplicate the notes and drop them an octave below ;)))
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Farm Answers 4 Sep 15
Replying to @aglawpaul
I should really have tagged it ... I'd hate to see someone actually do that 😣
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Jasen Thorpe 7 Jun 15
: if you never ride your bike, your Stan's sealant will last longer.
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Sgt Redd 8 May 15
Replying to @jonathanrea
the seat is the comfy bit 😁
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Ethan Davis 16 Sep 14
- spilling coffee on yourself hurts.
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Kate Boorman 10 Apr 14
wondering stuff about TV and twitter ON twitter is the same thing as writing
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