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Alfred Bache Nov 13
At an NQT course tomorrow so decided to leave some messages for children who may not cope with the change. Those who are reliant on routine need encouragement that change is ok! 💪👍
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Miss Ord 8h
Spent today considering our KS3 curriculum in a little more detail (with inspo from a colleague at training today). Trying not to reinvent the wheel by using what we already have, and adding in core Qs. Would love feedback
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Tᴏᴅᴅ Fɪɴʟᴇʏ 21h
NEW! 10 Habits of Successful Teachers | Brain Blast
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Jon Harper ; Nov 17
Slowing Down: The Soft Skill that Gets Left Behind
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Integrity Coaching Nov 9
8 things that we'll see more of in the classroom in the coming years
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Integrity Coaching Nov 15
Such a powerful message about bullying in schools - well worth a share!
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Integrity Coaching 4h
Success can fade but what can never be undone is how you've touched the lives of others!
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Ess.Kharn Nov 15
Anyone read any brilliant edu-books/blogs recently? Would be grateful for any recommendations...particularly interested in Rosenshine/teaching +learning or writing in KS2. I'd appreaciate any RTs- thanks! 👍🏼
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TeachPolitics 8h
Useful video for sixth forms/colleges - Why vote in the General Election?
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Integrity Coaching Nov 16
This is what every Headteacher should be told before they're appointed!
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Integrity Coaching Nov 17
This is what a great educators look like in today's world...
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Integrity Coaching 5h
What are the 5 key qualities of a School Leader who has the resilience for the long-haul?
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Sean O Sullivan 19h
Love this! My students definitely would too! Will 100% try!
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Integrity Coaching Nov 12
Love these 5 Ways to Well-being! So important to keep learning!
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Researchers identify maximum weight children should carry in school backpacks
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Safer Schools Nov 15
PLS Share: Here's our top tips for on how to support children in their care with .
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Sabina Seidel Nov 17
Language Teachers, STARTER INSPIRATION FOR LANGUAGE LESSONS 💙 Get students into learning mode with these starter/warmer activities. Try them out here:
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Citizenship Educat 2h
Love using these loyalty reward cards#T&L
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