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boropolis 5h
With Dael Fry and Dani Ayala out for the season along with George Friend and Lewis Wing, who would you like to see in Boro's defence for tomorrow's game against Stoke City?
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Middlesbrough FC 11h
A double defensive blow for , with Dani Ayala and ruled out for the season Team News ➡️
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ben coker Apr 17
Replying to @CJPhillips1982
He’s had terrible luck with injury 2 broken bones in first 2 starts!!!!! Some fans think about what you tweet before doing it!!!!
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Middlesbrough FC 4h
"The big thing for us is playing the way we have been playing and really be committed" 🗣️💬 Tony Pulis on the visit of his former club to the Riverside tomorrow Full interview 📹➡️
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Middlesbrough FC Apr 15
Massimo would like a word...
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Middlesbrough FC Apr 13
Tony Pulis spoke to the press after the win over , while also providing an update on Dani Ayala 🗣️💬 Media conference 📹➡️
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Coach S. 7h
OH YEAHHHH!!! GAME DAY! HYPE DAY! Let’s get it!!! 🔒🔋🔗🌽🧜🏽‍♀️🥒🙌🏽🐍🔥🍴
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Middlesbrough FC Apr 17
We've had fantastic support for our Early Bird Season Card pricing offer. Thank you, fans 👏🔴⚪️ ➡️
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Kai Irwin Apr 15
Pulis had a dream The most boring football team We park the bus with 5 defenders at home We’re alright at the back But shite in attack Aitor Karanka We just want you back
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Laura 🔴⚪️⚔️ 3h
Replying to @11seconddan
I don’t believe it a pint? Have a fab Birthday Dan! Hope we get three pints for you tomorrow 🎁🍷🥃⚔️
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Andy Campbell 1m
Thanks Claire 😘
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Mick 1h
Replying to @oldsufctweets
Lol, state of that fookin pitch!
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Neil Williams 10h
Don’t worry fans, TP has the perfect game plan to accommodate our lack of central defenders. What could possibly go wrong👍🏻
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Ian Smith 9h
No two ways about it, this is a massive blow. As suggested by some others on here, Mikel to drop in and play a sweeper-type role doesn’t sound too bad. That said, with the future in mind, I’d be tempted to throw young Nathan Wood into the action.
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Ashingdon Mens 1st's 6h
Replying to @masseynicolex
The First Lady of Ashingdon has spoken. Even the WAGs can't contain their excitement 🔵⚪️
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John Brookes 7h
Celebratory air punches as Boro top the league 4 years ago, let’s hope we have the opportunity to do so in the coming weeks
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Chris 👾 3h
This is a long shot, but here goes. To and . My nephew, Jack, is a massive Boro fan and his favourite player is Britt. Is there any chance he can get a Britt autograph? It make him sing “Do do do, Britt Assombalonga!” For 100th time 🔴⚪️🔴
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Middlesbrough FC 7h
▫️ collection for Middlesbrough Foodbank ▫️ matchday ▫️ Riverside LIVE overseas only and no red button coverage Here's all your Matchday Information ➡️
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Kevin Horton 4h
the undisputed 🐐!!
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Paul Goffy Gough 7h
The good times a re back in the tonight ;) Thanks for the top support & the photos later will look fantastic ;)
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