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ant⸘ bot‽c 2h
is in opposition mode already
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Paulie Jan 20
“So what” if and colluded about testimony? Is Rudi Giuliani for real? Is Giuliani even a lawyer? This sort of thing fundamentally strikes at the heart of the common law system of justice.
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Adam Samuel 8h
Is it too early to call for for President in 2020? Asking for a nation on the other side of the Pacific who can't stand lying, old, white men in politics.
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Halloween Every Dave 27m
Apparently some people are saying "Build the " isn't a racist chant. Lots of Northern Europeans currently attempting to illegally enter from Mexico are there? Because otherwise it seems identical to the clearly "Keep Out The Mexicans".
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FredrikFrangeur 14h
Democrats should not get hybris about Trumps possible reelection. They need to do everything right to avoid 2004. With that being said, this means that they need a broad selection of people running for president, because anything can happen
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Will Watson 4h
Guess is gearing up for a 2020 announcement, especially now that and have shown their cards... #2020
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Another moment of serendipity brought to you by 👍🐦🖕
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Jan Mahyuddin 6h
Harris is doing the Obama thing ... it might just work ...
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Sue Ann Yap Jan 19
what not to do on a Sunday. Listen to First Idiot of the Union talk about “the wall”.
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John Symond Jan 21
Einstein wrote, "The pursuit of scientific truth detached from the practical interests of everyday life ought to be treated as sacred by every government."
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(((transister)))🇮🇱 Jan 17
Welp. I guess it’s time to censure and remove him from cmtes too.
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ireject Jan 20
Replying to @AdamSchiff
I don't understand US politics. A climate change denier wants to spend 5 billion on a steel slate wall, that would rot with rust, and can be easily cut with a saw or a torch, even by a robot. Yet 25-40% of the population thinks it's a good idea. Argh!!
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crystalsinger Jan 19
Here are so-called “Christian values” in action in the US. , male students clearly attempting to intimidate and mock a First Nations protester. Seems like isn’t doing a very good job of looking after these students’ education.
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Paulie Jan 15
We need to hang on at least another six years. Can’t let replace HH!
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Christian Faurholt Jan 15
Replying to @AOC
I don't agree with her ideas. But love how she's taking Walker the talker to school.
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DebbieN Jan 18
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
Oh dog whistling! Look over there don’t look at me (trump)
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At this point, I’m starting to believe the conspiracy theory that Trump has some really juicy dirt that will bring down the entire .
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Jane Cowell 18h
The shutdown has exposed Trumponomics for what it is: a disaster | Robert Reich
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Dr Dan Jan 17
Have I got a cocktail for tonight!
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Craig Thomler Jan 20
Massive new study traces how corporations use charitable donations to tilt regulations in their favor
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