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🀬 TheRealWolfBearPig 🀬 20h
38.80 Is A Buy Until It Isn't I Think We Can See 46.80 EOM Original Plan $60 In September Levels I'll Be Watching πŸ‘‡ Still Expect More Fake Crisis' Going Into Election. Oil Up Market Down.
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🀬 TheRealWolfBearPig 🀬 6h
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UnknownSkies Aug 2
Are you familiar with USOs? Unidentified Submerged Objects. Like the in 2011 discovered anomaly in the baltic sea, which is still not explained. Any investigation turns out into more questions.
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TalkMarkets 2h
USD/CAD Latest: Last Place Battle - Loonie Or Dollar? Also
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Coach_Dee_Sr Aug 1
Thank God for this massage chair donated to ! Shout out to my bryandumlao for the donation! πŸ’―β€β€β€ @ 9th Island Cascao Jiu Jitsu
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USO of Illinois Aug 2
Congratulations to our partners at for being recognized as the No.1 law firm in the US for pro bono service for the 10th time in 13 years by The American Lawyer!
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TalkMarkets Aug 1
Crude Oil Price Outlook Eyes OPEC Output Restart, US And China Demand Also
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fanfarecafe Aug 1
TODAY at noon (EST) The Chainsmokers, JoJo and Florida Georgia Line – USO MVP Summer Concert – Watch on and -->>
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USO of Illinois Jul 31
We are ready to ROCK YOUR BLOCK. Have you signed up to be a Clark @ Home host yet? Visit for more information.
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Van Symond D. Rana Jul 28
Challenge accepted πŸ˜‚
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Al Bagocius Jul 27
Remembering Bob Hope this evening, who gave so much to our troops over the years on the 17th anniversary of his passing. Read more on the legacy of Bob Hope at
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The Judy Room Jul 25
July 25, 1943: Judy's tour of Army camps with the USO continued. These articles reflect the fun she and the soldiers had. Still in theaters at the time was "Presenting Lily Mars." Spotlight
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Monique McFaddin Jul 25
Need a laugh ? 40 per car unlimited 2 to 8 people Food availabial 1St Weekly Show 40 Tickets left
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Bob Hope with the would approve of the Awards.
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KnovaWave Jul 26
WTI huge run continues rebalance chikou indicative of extreme crowd behavior in series of fractals. Completed 5 waves, watch 3 develop to confirm. Support previous channels, tenkan & Kijun. Above 50wma & Murrey Math time & price
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Thornton Law Firm Jul 29
United States Oil Fund, LP Shareholder Investigation l Thornton Law Firm
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Rebecca J Williamson Jul 29
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Is crude oil ignoring the economic impact the virus is having on the economy (and not falling)? Or is the oil chart being efficient and reflecting reality by slowing down a bit before continuing back up?
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Dr. Ilia Bouchouev 57m
Replying to @cbjom
.. I'd add financial demand to the category of unknown unknowns. Tail event would be some regulatory reform on leveraged once investigation is completed, which could constrain the primary retail support for futures.
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Cromwell πŸ’―πŸ†πŸ†πŸ† πŸπŸŽΎπŸ‡¨πŸ‡­πŸ‘‘ #RF103 #bel21ve 1h
Replying to @xTani @Rfighterer
FFS FFT are money grabbing morons lives are more important than πŸ’° I'm just πŸ‘€ for the first case from 🎾 sigh
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