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Rosie Blau 27m
Scary and illuminating thread on and the Chinese Communist Party's extraordinary ability to spin a story...
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ود البيه 14h
defends internment camps for Muslims
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Nick Logan 18h
Because internment and forced re-education are part of a “modern” way of life.
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Real News Line 2h
says Muslim internment camps are ‘free vocational training’
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Cameron Hudson 2h
Glad to know the repression of in Xinjiang is working.
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Uighur4Palestine#GTTO Oct 8
Replying to @garoukike @haloefekti
PS: is the of this century. Only country to run where it has interned 1 million , to force them to give up , eat , drink , or be tortured to death.
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Monu Singh 2h
Why world community is mum on the human rights violation of in Xinjiang province of China?
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Francisco Taveira 11h
.: "Zakir’s comments are the latest example of trying to reframe the narrative around its detainment of ."
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Dave Ravicher 5h
Sure doesn't sound like a concentration camp... definitely better than GITMO Interview with government chief on counterterrorism, vocational education and training in Xinjiang cc
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Sophia Yan 嚴倩君 18h
Replying to @sophia_yan
Detention camps depicted as happy places where learn key skills. "Courses on clothing and footwear making, food processing, electronic product assembly, typesetting and printing, hairdressing and e-commerce have been set up to suit local social needs and job market.
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Hayat Esfandiyar Oct 15
Replying to @htTweets @ImranKhanPTI
Please don't forget the suppression.
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EconomicTimes 13h
Reports of mass and strict of ethnic and other have prompted the US to consider against officials and cos linked to allegations of abuses
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dparvaz🧿 20h
for those who call reporting on 's detention of "fake news" :
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FightAutocracy 8h
"...around one million have been dragged from their homes and thrown into camps on the simple account of their ethnicity and their ...
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Sorry Noo Way 13h
especially Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman need to be put on one of those camp in China.
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Brian P. Klein 14h
China detains over a million Uighurs, says it's for their own good, helps them to modernize.
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Vassi|i |e Moigne 24h
This history sprang to my head when I read the sentence about inmates being voluntary thankful for the state saving them. Same words, same theater. BBC News - Xinjiang governor praises Uighur Muslim 'education camps'
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THiNKTaNK Oct 16
Replying to @BBCWorld
There's a special place in hell for such people, and those who defend them. What's colorful about this picture? Meanwhile, they're the living daylights out of & commenters🇨🇳on social media who speak out against against /.
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John Patterson 24h
Stark example of the naïveté of the party mentality. Their lies simply highlight their hypocrisy and the brutality they are inflicting on thousands of “Internment camps make Uighurs' life more colourful, says Xinjiang governor”
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The Bridge Initiative Oct 15
Replying to @bridgeinit
'Sinicisation' of in Xinjiang must go on, says Chinese official.
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Adam Frontier 1h
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