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daic 💀✊🏼 5h
I'm not sure that the PR wonks at central fully understand how PR is supposed to work. You've just admitted industry has polluted 1 T litres of clean water for profit and not bothered tidying up after itself.
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DoubleA 2h
and the are a complete disaster for Albertans
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Thomas Ockley Jan 22
Friendly reminder that the UCP fired the Election Commissioner who issued over $211,000 in fines for the Kamikaze Scandal. Now the RCMP are investigating the Kamikaze scandal that Jason Kenney once said was just "Twitter Gossip".
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Stephen Anderson 11h
Good morning AB! Just a reminder our premier from Ont loves big corps more then hard working Albertans! +2B deficit while destroying public services & making life less affordable!!
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hangry_white_male 9h
In his indignation, conveniently omits the part where gives Allan a bullshit job worth $290,000/year, after which Allan awards Schweitzer's former law firm a $905,000 sole-source contract.
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Timothy Anderson 5h
Dear : look at all the red tape your incompetent colleague is foisting on Albertans. Seriously - what is wrong with you folks? presiding over a whole lot of stupid.
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Loki Odinson of the Jotunheim 7h
Where do you buy subsidized transit? Downtown. When do you buy it, before the 1st so you can save $3.00. One more way hurts special needs adults.
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Bradsteff88🇨🇦🏳️‍🌈 7h
Fyi AISH RECIPIENTS! changed your payment dates to the first of the month starting if you have any payments that go through for the older dates you need to change them. Another way to screw the vulnerable.
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Jason Kenney's Dry Hole Jan 27
Replying to @shandro @MattWolfAB
So Tyler, just to confirm. The government ended one program. Correct?!? But with the ending of that program another program is avail to AB THAT ALBERTANS HAVE TO APPLY FOR... So where does that fall into your Red Tape Reduction Strategy?!?
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Stephen Anderson Jan 27
Funny how it's 100% legal to cut off consumers when they don't pay their Bill's! Almost like there is a double standard for the corp friends of
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Common Sense 29m
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Michael MacLean ☕🌾 6h
Looks like the Office of the Ethics Commissioner could use a little more 'efficiency'...
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DougWillCallUout🇨🇦🏳️‍🌈🏴‍☠️🐔🍷🦈🌊☠️#resist 23h
Replying to @Alberta_UCP
You mean like this SIGNED promise?
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Angela 22h
Don’t be fooled by half truths. They are just backtracking as fast as possible now
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trixie 1h
All hat, no cattle How Quickly Jason Kenney Betrayed Rural Albertans via
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Kathy Jan 23
Do you know who is anti-social? You are ! You are literally destroying social programs including defunding education, healthcare, supports for seniors and the disabled. You are way more of a criminal than the addicts at these sites. The RCMP are on to you
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Dorito 🇨🇦 Jan 24
So corruption in their own "leader"ship race wasnt enough, now wants to control civic elections?? If you voted ucp and don't regret it, you're either not paying attention or need a deprogrammer.
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Doug Hart Jan 27
Trump style politics is alive in Alberta. Kenney is a more polished fascist than Trump, but no less dangerous. , , ,
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Timothy Anderson Jan 22
Replying to @jkenney
A study on PERCEPTION isn't data for policy. Especially not with people like you peddling misinformation.
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Natacha Welsh 4h
Replying to @shandro
When did Albertans mandate such deep cuts to health care? It will take decades to recover from everything you are dismantling, just so you can give away billions to “struggling” O&G companies! Stop the cuts & all attempts at privatizing our healthcare!
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