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Joe's Hoes Army #JHA 7h
Which is YOUR favorite?
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Beauty by AD 17h
Let’s turn the tables around! The Artist is now the Muse! KEY PRODUCTS Eyeshadow- In palette Powder - Lucent x Amber Lips - BUFF and…
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Kai Parker Jan 18
a starter for the unfortunate 🤪 -Kai stood before the looming Salvatore school through playful and intrigued eyes. What he wanted was clearly inside. He’d heard of it’s power and might now he wanted it for himself. All he had to do was >>>
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Jollene Jan 18
saying Mickey Mantle wouldn’t be a HOF today. He’s the worst “analyst” is Sports.
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John L'Estrange Jan 18
⁩ pre order in. Can’t wait!
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Beauty by AD Jan 16
Everything changes in an instant with THE IMANI EYESHADOW PALETTE! Time to show off your glam! Makeup by our in-house makeup artist Product Details: Eyes -…
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Philosoraptor Jan 18
Replying to @ProfMJCleveland
Masculinity can be used for selfish gain or to benefit of others. When used for selfish gain, it can be “toxic,” but that’s not a condemnation of masculinity itself. Feminism doesn’t follow this logic. It argues women should give up feminine traits for masculine ones.
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Clock_Val 14h
Can I get1000retweet on dis cover#positive#mind... pls kindly retweet till Davido sees dis dope shit 🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥.
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- Sister - We're Not Gonna Take It
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Keri Anne 12h
Replying to @EdKrassen @VICE
I wish I could find the episode of that shows a evangelical church and how they deal with Trump and his "infedility". One woman interviewed claimed Jesus only meant your immediate "neighbors" so only Americans would matter to Jesus not any "foreigner" or illegal.
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Jonathan Jan 16
Replying to @ApeGotFire
I lie awake deep into the night with fantasises of Wee Man Callileb explaining masculinities upon my pillow
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AMusic -StarTimes117 Jan 17
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Turgut Alp 🇸🇩🇵🇰🇪🇸 8h
Replying to @Yazziie_xx
Keith Sweat... taking me back now
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Crim Radio 12h
Now playing - on Crim Radio
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Camille Stottlemyre Jan 11
I should disclose this stuff in the beginning perhaps?
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Hena Jan 13
If beautiful people only see beauty in others, then faulty people only see fault in others
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#CrownMe_Shauneepoo Jan 15
meets yet again! 03/31/19 ! Dreamchaser vibes! More info coming soon !
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Beth Hochstetler 6h
Replying to @JoesHoesArmy
Love both but the black is my favorite. 🔥🔥🔥🔥
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Irónico #Me Jan 16
“I closed my eyes and let my enemy win.”
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DJ Ashi Ash Jan 14
I’m glad ain’t caught no case I’m turning up errtime it come on 🤷🏾‍♀️
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