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shivna Apr 21
Replying to @shivnamaj
I can understand why gang and their supporters have given the movie 1 star , it’s because it makes the uncomfortable! And inspite of their reviews, the shows are running full . I hope multiplexes across the country show more of this movie rather than
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Aman Khanna 18h
You are right after and all this is what your agenda (Fame) is. gand and make a good combination. We would like to see how you both flop morons performs. Eagerly waiting for
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Ankita Singh Apr 20
Replying to @khanumarfa
U support the one who wants to do of India?? Ain't u an anti-national?
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Sagar Das Apr 24
Replying to @UmarKhalidJNU
I spot a gang leader
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Nayana Bhat Apr 24
Refuse to get down to your mentality. Every Indian is my brother/sister except for your kind of ! Your kind sure has earned a lot of name/fame/money with your ideology!! See JNU gang. Again not for too long!!
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Chowkidar HindSena! Apr 17
Replying to @ReallySwara
Let’s talk about you, a potential ! Hanging around a criminal like Kanhaiya who wants to break India is going to destroy your career. Do you believe in the paradigm? If not, stay away. He will surely go to jail.
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Homosapience (👮) Apr 24
So has declared seat to be won by Even shown on bad light by saying he is using money power. Rued why RJD gave candidate. Let's see on 23rd May. gang.
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Anwesha Pattnaik 17h
She broke their hearts. Again. 💔💔💔 Dil ke arman aasuon mein beh gaye...
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Ashoke Pandit Apr 24
Strategies r being discussed & debated on the WhatsApp groups of pseudo liberals, , Lutyens media, gang & 600 signatories of d film industry to plan a response to . The tweets will start appearing every 10mins with a similar language.
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sagar sharma Apr 24
Replying to @kanhaiyakumar
Thanks Dr. Your doctorate is really helping you a lot in fighting Elections. Indians are actually worried about your concept of and not about the expertise in language of political leaders. Plz remember ghost of will lead you to the right place legally.
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Aunty India Apr 20
Replying to @Cow__Momma
Modi is the real fang.
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Chowkidar 🇷ohit jain🇮🇳 Apr 17
I heard you are a fan of Kanhaiya Kumar ? Really ? Why do you all leftists dream of breaking India ? Gang
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सत्य वचन ✍🗣🤘 Apr 17
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ChowkidarAniruddha Apr 24
I am a well wisher of rashtra , I sincerely hope all parties in our country start focusing on development , stop appeasement policies , stop supporting gangs , anti nationals! When we go for voting we should be spoilt for choice 😁😁😁
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Nikhil 🇮🇳🕉️ Apr 22
Replying to @badbuddy12
Each and every supportor of terrorists is a terrorists. The only difference is we name them and gang.
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India loving Conscience keeper Apr 23
Sprouting of such sporadic loser comments is going to peak till May 23rd and we will see more such comments from various walks of folks across India from actors , theater personailities , journos , NGO folks , gang , warts & all
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anilsangeeta Apr 22
Replying to @ShekharGupta @NPDay
Nervous is gang. What to do next for survival.
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#VoteKar 4 Rounds To Go!!!!!! Apr 20
People who support gang and bloody remain silent on oral diarrhea of regarding separate PM must not speak on anyone else.
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((G S Balaji 🇮🇳)) Apr 20
How is ur MPhil progressing?Have u cleared d exam?R u going to to help win vs ?u must go & help ur comrade as he is fighting for of🇮🇳with sedition charge.when will all start loving 🥰 ur motherland forgetting communism?Never🤔
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Aloke Joshi Apr 20
Absolutely disgusting! Watch Swara Bhasker sitting with accused anti national supporting him shamelessly, wow! Where was your concern for patriotism then?
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