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bruce krapohl 2h
Replying to @GOP
Safe stronger America agenda- Leaves an acting FAA director in charge of airlines- planes fall from the sky. Who needs safety testing? left airport security in disarray. Trump Nat'l Emergency takes military & disaster funds for a wall?
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Davindranauth Apr 17
agents mandated into indentured servitude to work without pay during the 35 day as “essential” to fulfill aviation security operations. TSA agents deserves the rights of Title 5.
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David Ramirez Apr 18
Trump clashes with Pelosi & Schumer over border security via you said let me remind you is your
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Alan Taylor 10h
This is your daily reminder that Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump by 2,865,075 votes.
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bruce krapohl 4h
Replying to @BK2020GR
Trump/Pence/GOP have decapitated the management of Homeland Security. was a security disaster for airports. Acting FAA director left faulty Boeing planes in the air. Trump National Emergency takes funds from disaster relief & military bases.
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The Trump Countdown 19h
Only 15416 hours until the end of President Trump's first term!
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Matthew Kummernuss Apr 17
Let's chat about the damage caused by people during the
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Tiny Protests Apr 18
🌦️    🏢😓😫😡😮😨🏦 🏢😤😕😦😳😫🏬 🏟️ 😣😥🤐😯🏢 🏛️😟😓🙄😖 🏦 🌴😬😓😫😓😶🏦 🏨😶 😖  🏟️ WHOSE SHUTDOWN? !
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SleepyEyesChuckTodd Apr 14
Sir, there's 647 days 3 hours you're wasting time of your presidency
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Stressed Translator Apr 11
Replying to @nfreie @zagpiopi1 and 5 others
I don't have to tell myself anything, it's pretty self-evident. He took their bait bc in fact he's not as smart as he/his supporters think he is. Where do you think the hashtag originated lol
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QueenSparklepants Apr 14
So, real quick- how’d that shutdown work out for you?
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Pam Parker 9h
Replying to @sendavidperdue
OMG, your hypocrisy is galling! You belong to the party of obstruction and political games.
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Tafkak Apr 15
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
Got your ass kicked by Pelosi in your fiasco, declared bankruptcy multiple times, committed tax fraud to get you daddy’s money, and would have more of it if you had just put it in a bank cd, you’re functionally really... what the hell DO you know?
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Bigmilk Apr 15
How many different times did the House pass a bipartisan bill to reopen the government when the was going on? I don't know if the 420 to 0 vote to release the Mueller counts because no one voted No. But the Senate didn't even vote on either.
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I think reopening the government and ending the was pretty meaningful. They’ve managed to pass other legislation while doing oversight that the complicit GOP ignored. Tell your AG to stop covering up the report.
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Lesley Abravanel Apr 14
He ruined the holidays for millions with his as he tried to extort money from Congress for his wall and, then, declared a – before going golfing. Democrats have fought him all and will beat him in court!
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