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🌪Dr.C aka Clare #WearAMask!😷 #Georgia🍑 #BLM Nov 22
Replying to @UROCKlive1 @Cleavon_MD
It’s so sad it has to come to this. That people will have to experience the loss of a relative or friend, or illness in themselves before they believe it real.
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Mary Louise Ruehr Nov 20
"Misinformation is killing us." -- A nurse on , re doubters
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Lori Andersen, PhD Nov 21
Replying to @cnnbrk
He canʻt get away with repeating all his COVID lies to that audience and he knows it.
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Susan #BlackLivesMatter #ResignTrump 💜💙🖤 🏳️‍🌈 Nov 21
Cry me a river. If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen
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callersean Nov 22
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Dr. Lewis Feinman™ Nov 18
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Dr. Lewis Feinman™ Nov 21
1,000 deaths a day x 60 days = 60,000 deaths 1,250 deaths a day x 60 days = 75,000 deaths 1,500 deaths a day x 60 days = 90,000 deaths 1,750 deaths a day x 60 days = 105,000 deaths 2,000 deaths a day x 60 days = 120,000 deaths This must stop.
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TJFanGirl Nov 20
Replying to @soledadobrien
We've already named the virus after him so no.
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Dr. Lewis Feinman™ Nov 19
Now on the CSPAN stream of the Rudy press conference. This is a mess. Just rambling and unsubstantiated claims of fraud and MORE LAWSUITS! These guys are crazy.
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dina rosenblat Nov 19
Of course he did. Money money money that’s all it means to
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Marko Silberhand Nov 21
Replying to @glennkirschner2
Well, Hopefully this farce will end soon. At the moment, 2,000 Americans die from the every day. And Trump does nothing !
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͏Postcards4USA Nov 23
Replying to @BuzzFeedNews
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CJ Nov 19
Over 251K US citizens dead from COVID . Good thing that disappeared on Nov 4th.
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mpowerdance project Nov 21
A more recent photo of Donald.
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sofakingWHAT Nov 22
Denies the caovid death? Because they don’t “believe in it!”Still!?!!
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dragonfly in flight (mask up!) Nov 18
Replying to @MLevitt_NP2013
YOO HOO! 260K dead and counting, and I'm laying this at the feet of the Party of Death, aka GOP. Bleah. and ;
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Teri Don Nov 21
He’s still thinking about all the dying Americans as he tees off I’m sure -
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Erin Snider🆘️ 🇺🇸 🦋🌍🌊 Nov 19
Replying to @magicduster
If his mouth is open, he's lying.
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Dr. Jenny Wears A Mask 🐕🐩🐕🐩 Nov 18
Thanks for the mention, Colin!
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Make America Relax Again Nov 19
Replying to @mmpadellan
That's the Trump way.
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