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gamal Jun 22
Replying to @SaraCarterDC
He finally found his ass hole.
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Charlie Watkins Feb 1
Replying to @dbongino
It (the swamp/toilet) is quite deeper than anyone thought, my friend. Gonna take more than 4. ?
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Nichola Goodwin Sep 4
Replying to @VFL2013
I pray that he is re-elected. We need this man back in office True patriot!! I stand by my president, our police officers, our flag, our beliefs and our national anthem. I love our country! Do we need change? yes! but I stand proudly.
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Eddie G. Jul 10
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Veronica Britton-McDaniel Jul 13
Replying to @DonaldJTrumpJr
WOW!! I always knew our country was great and our Prez will make it even better!!! Thank you Mr President for remembering our constitution and why we are here!
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Leslie Alan Watson Feb 27
It’s amazing all these “open border“ pieces of crap all of a sudden crying foul. Because of the coronavirus. I say we go on lockdown. Keep them out of the good old USA.
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