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Bruno Amato Jun 18
A 25 Million Dollar settlement for operating a fraudulent college. An entire family busted for operating a fraudulent charity used as their own personal slush fund. The criminals aren't at the border, the criminals are in the White House and inside Trump Tower.
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Jon Cooper 🌊 Jun 16
KARMA’S A BITCH! It’s such sweet justice that Paul Manafort — who led the infamous "lock her up" chant at the Republican Convention — got locked up himself!!
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(((Chana הנא))) Jun 19
How can just one mentality ill and illiterate cruel man be permitted to destroy democracy & ruin lives? Where is the world? Where are the backbones of America?? Are we as week as all that? Donnie & must be stopped! Now!!
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Denise 9h
Look Melania take that funky ass jacket off! This is not the time and it's not funny. Take a seat bitch. Sit the fuck down and keep your gawd damn mouth shut! How about you go missing again. You complicit ass fool.
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Florida Chick Jun 19
Best Truck Sign of the Day.
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Jon Cooper 🌊 Jun 15
Great News: Trump’s former “fixer” Michael Cohen has told friends that he’s willing to speak with investigators if that would alleviate the stress that he and his family are under.
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free2bhuman Jun 17
How the fucking hell can Ivanja and Jared make $83 MILLION dollars in one year, while working in the WHITE HOUSE. And how is this even legal?
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PolitiKiss💋 Jun 16
What Father’s Day looks like in the . Happy Father’s Day to all non-creepy dads!
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LaneBrooks 8h
Everyone told me I was crazy when I said I had a little bit of sympathy for Melania. Boy was I wrong. The entire has got to go.
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Susie Hopper 9h
Melania is a JOKE. She supports her idiot husband 100%. She spouted his birther crap YEARS before he ran for President. Wore her "pussy bow" blouse to the debate after the Access Hollywood tape & now this "fuck you" jacket on an 80 degree day? FUCK YOU .
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cassandracarolina Jun 18
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Raging Bull NO TRUMP 19h
I'm back! 7 days in Twitmo for a fraction of what Adolf Twitler does daily! I missed all my fellow Anti- Friends! Twitter Jail will NEVER stop me from RAGING against the Combover Con Artist.
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Marla 🧡💚 The U 🐘🦓🦒 Jun 17
Replying to @PrincessBravato
Lest we forget that this SOB, who’s ripping babies from their mothers much as Hitler’s Gestapo did to millions of Germans, is being sued by NYAG for his family’s personal use of charitable funds intended for the children’s cancer charity and their foundation.
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Lexa Jun 17
Replying to @TheTweetwit
Definitely obtained that Einstein visa fraudulently - I wonder who trump paid to obtain that? And no way in hell does she speak five languages.
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CJ Pfeiff Jun 18
Meanwhile the Trump family is being sued by NY because they broke laws. Nobody is talking about it. Trump will continue to be cruel as long as it takes away from the news of
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Astorix 🌊🌈🖖🏽🇨🇦🏳️‍🌈🇺🇸 Jun 17
This is why Trump keeps repeating the same crooked Hillary and 13 angry Democrats crap over a & over again.
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Jean T 7h
Replying to @maddow
HHS Sec Alex Azar, the guy in charge of the welfare of kids separated from parents, spent his weekend at college reunion while young children suffered on his watch. Shame.
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J Girl 💪🏽 10h
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
It was as un-first-lady-like as you can get, especially where she was going. Seems that the entire is completely unaware of how they are perceived.
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Diane 6h
Meliana Trump asked "How can I help" Here's how you can help You can get your inept, inhumane, narcissistic, rapist, racist, treasonous, self dealing buffoon of a husband and the rest of the out of our White House. Thanks ~America
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Denise 11h
Fuck the ugly ass jacket Melania had on... Don't get distracted. You know that doesn't care about . It's another deflection. Stay focused on those innocent young people being snatched from their families.
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