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Brandon Tatum Oct 21
My brotha showed America how soft these liberal protesters are. They like to beat up vulnerable people, but want look twice at an ALPHA!! LOVE IT!! Go follow
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Melissa Williams Oct 18
Replying to @DhvaniWear
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Love40Hold Oct 22
Replying to @BetoORourke
You sure like rewriting the Constitution and all kinds of laws don’t ya Robert Francis?
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Cindy Kennedy Oct 17
Trump sounds great tonight...I love my President!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
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Carson Daly Oct 21
Replying to @chuckwoolery
Hell no, Mitch is the swamp!
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❌Mike Michail❌ Oct 17
What do you trust more, attendees or polls? 🤣🤣🤣
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Oldlady00 Oct 22
Even if they impeach will more than likely still vote for
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bigjz0808 Oct 22
Replying to @WNDU
Trump will still be your president in 2020!
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Janine R. Pestel 7h
50 Patriots has a petition to help try to get rid of some of the garbage in Washington DC. Please sign it.
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Kat Viger 3h
Replying to @bannerite @JoeBiden
Looking for that poll you had in operation, thought I’d place my vote but, dang... it seems to have been deleted🧐 ... I wonder why? 😂🤣...
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Seth Laurie Oct 16
Why is no one talking about Hilary Clinton and her deal to sell uranium to soviets what is wrong with people
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Peggy Walters 1h
Replying to @TheDemocrats
Vote the do nothing democrats out of office!
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Tammy 4h
so it's ok to use "lynching" in a fake hate crime?
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Sherry Oct 21
Replying to @w_terrence
He's jealous you have more fans than he does. F him
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catsfortrump Oct 17
Because Democrats can’t beat Trump the right way, they will stop at nothing. They are removing free speech, free press and freedom of religion. He will win again in a landslide.
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Steve Pieczenik Oct 17
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Bahman Jazoyeh - بهمــن جــازویه Oct 21
Replying to @AnnaForFlorida
Talk to ur kurd friend and tell them to respect American soldiers.
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Woody Greenfeather Oct 20
Replying to @TulsiGabbard
I wouldn't complain. Makes me want to vote for him again.
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Cynthia Skinthia🧜‍♀️ Piper-Kim Oct 17
Call your house of representatives 202-224-3121 ex 1236 if you can’t be there you can still send your message
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Gage Larobardiere Oct 16
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