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Richard C Ryder Mar 20
Come on ... Really?? Do you not know Anything that is going on with ? has been telling us for quite a while about the !!! I am getting really sick of you guys. The only shows that are worth a damn are
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Bigg Dre 559 Mar 20
Why did your dad meet with these leaders? Was he selling Military secrets again? Or was it just a meeting of the minds? .
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Dirk Atwood, Master of Me 🙈🙉🙊 Mar 20
Replying to @Talkmaster
McCain is the very symbol of what's wrong in DC. I will never see him for anything more than the low life traitor he was. stuck it to USA & Republican party.
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Galt's Goat Mar 21
Replying to @crackenbob @SenSchumer
He's a hero to the , that's for sure.
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Christina Laugaland Mar 20
Replying to @senatemajldr @POTUS
Oh please!! What he did to our country is unforgivable! is right about him.
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OpenWaterAU Mar 20
Replying to @michellemalkin
Keating 5, sent aid in a jet over seas to fetch DNC paid for Dossier, voted down bill to kill O-Care...
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JERRY 🐶❌ Jun 14
Not only does he make me SICK he apparently is another DISHONEST SENATOR cut from the same mold as . Hey Mittens you are a SELF SERVING POS.
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kimberlytoday Jun 14
Who can believe that on ' birthday, some imbecile decided to "honor" traitor John McStain? "No Name Day" could catch on though...and we can all pretend to be heroes!
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Libertarian Populism Mar 19
IMHO Trump is being too nice about treasonous Trump Doubles Down On Critiques Of The Late Sen. John McCain via
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JERRY 🐶❌ May 28
Hey did your good friend put his country first when he voted AGAINST repeal of OBAMACARE? Or was his HATRED for his main concern?
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Tumultuous Jun 18
Replying to @CarolPrissy48
You must be an support account...👇
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God*Family*Country Jun 15
Replying to @CNN
it should have read,
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Bluz Guitar Guy❌ Jun 22
Look ! Free toilet tissue !
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primmy QFD Banned Jun 20
Meghan McCain is PAID to be a"Republican" and like her father, is a
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MAGA🚂Battaram👊 Jun 16
Replying to @snowflakelady
We can't blindly trust any Republican politicians or MSM. That's how we got I'm an Arizonan and hate Martha McSally and Krysten Sinema. Doug Doucey and ⚠He should have been stronger in the beginning. Teachers walked off the job.🚮
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Xpandyomind13 Jun 15
The Senator was such a hero, he killed 127 sailors on the ship he was stationed. He sang like a bird when he was captured, hence the nickname "Songbird John" or Hanoi Hilton songbird causing the deaths of countless more military servicemen.
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Sharon Q Jun 15
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Donald Trump = Your President Jun 15
So glad he's not in our Govt anymore. Useless garbage.
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OCONUS LURES shadowbanned Jun 15
, the OSC official targeting for Hatch violations was ’s staff director chief & counsel on Sen. Homeland committee. urged to audits AGAINST advocacy groups to financially ruin them.
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God*Family*Country Jun 14
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