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Rahul Singh 2h
This bastarf has its own logic as per his logic Muslims pray for everyone's well being like they are praying in Syria, Afghanistan,Iraq,Paris etc.....fir bolenege ki humein pakistani Kyu bolte ho...behenchod inhii harkaton k Karan
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Christopher C. Alberto Aug 3
Replying to @realDonaldTrump @POTUS
JFK said, “an abrasive press” plays an “invaluable” role as a check on his administration. “There isn’t any doubt we couldn’t do the job in a free society without a very active press.” Any who tells you otherwise is the real ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!
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Kremlin Annex Aug 1
At the protest we call him and a . Here’s why.
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جمهوری رحمت الله علیه Aug 4
Replying to @JZarif
You and your regime destroyed Iran in the past 41 years. You are a to Iran. And now you are planning a treaty with China that makes Iran a colony of China. You and the parliament together.
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Katherine Aug 5
Replying to @GOPLeader
No shit . There is a bill ready for 11 weeks, go get it on Bitch McConnell desk and have him sign it. You're going to prison
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Eddie Hruz Aug 4
People hat Trump because he is a fascist and a to all america.
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Bharat Vanshi/भारत वंशी 1h
Hey radical islamic jihadi have you ever liked own PM tweets by any chance?
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jacob schuyler 24h
Replying to @MayorJenny
You are a traitor to the people of the United states and should be punished accordingly. There is clear evidence you are treasonous. Im starting a campaign and fund here soon to make sure justice is served for your actions and neglect. !
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OhDonna16 Jul 31
This is the trump appointee, aka new criminal, that is now the Postmaster General. He’s in charge of destroying another part of our Constitution, the United States Post Office. Let’s find out more about this
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T Meehan Aug 6
how I wish I still lived in SC, it would be an honor to help vote you out of office!
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World War T 🌊 Aug 5
Replying to @MarshaBlackburn
You don't care that Russia pays bounties for dead American GI's. You are a who has sold their soul to .
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Katherine Jul 30
Replying to @DanRather
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Texas Democrat Aug 4
Replying to @JohnCornyn
Unbelievable because it’s a lie. 1. House bill passed in May. 2. Bill is with the Senate. 3. Pelosi is in House, not Senate. 4. You have the majority in Senate. 5. You’re lying to prop up the person responsible for killing 160k Americans
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😈🌊✊CheekyJenny✊🌊😈 Aug 3
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
You’re the and an enemy of our military. You are a 🖕🖕🖕🖕
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Miss Dameaner Aug 6
If you are still , you are a to this country and part of America’s problem! FIX IT!!
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Pilar Vick 3h
Replying to @billboard
Why they will support a like Trump? Somebody that does not support our troops? Are they receiving a cut from the bounty in our troops? Boycott them.
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Jesse Webster Aug 6
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
That's another stupid assed lie. I've been hearing this dopey scare tactic for years when it comes to Democratic Presidents. Since 1990, you've had 16 years of Democratic Presidents. The guns didn't go anywhere, asshat...
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Jesse Webster Aug 5
Replying to @realDonaldTrump're the swamp. You've been accused, linked and even impeached for way worse than your bullshit allegations towards our prior President. I'm taking your tactic. It's a witchhunt. If not, he thought it was in the best interest of the country.
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P.T. Miller 16m
Replying to @LindseyGrahamSC
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Bilal Hasan (Sid) 3h
Replying to @CMShehbaz
What about new dams? what you did? Just looted the pakistan as a nation you are indeed a and
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