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Ruban Mathivanan Nov 26
Bookings now open for tamil version, night show from today!
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Laura Nov 22
Just watched and honestly don't know if I'm gonna sleep 😳 It was so good but all I'm seeing is zombies when I close my eyes πŸ‘€
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Zee Studios Nov 23
Get ready to experience a thrilling ride of survival through the mayhem. 4 years after comes , coming to cinemas on 27th November.
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Dan Rillones Nov 20
What a great movieeeeee 🀍🀍🀍 part 2 looking forward for part 3!
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The Hindu Cinema Nov 23
South Korean filmmaker talks about the events that led to the making of his latest film , the sequel to his acclaimed zombie thriller,
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The Hindu Cinema Nov 25
Filmmaker : "I still think the global response to is a miracle. However, my approach to was completely different from when I made its predecessor. Because for me, this is a standalone film on its own."
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Film Companion South Nov 28
REVIEW: Despite some inspired sequences, never hits the emotional high notes and claustrophobic tension of - read review of the film here.
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Pedro Martins Nov 20
20 is from my fav zombie film β€œβ€ (2016)
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JamesDoesJournalism Nov 22
Review: πŸš†πŸš†πŸš†πŸš†/5 Zombie perfection. Not only do you see a terrifying situation unravel zombie after zombie but you learn a lot about morality and what you truly seek in life. It’s as political as it is horrifying. Truly fantastic.
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The Film Stage πŸ“½ Nov 26
The sequel to & more recommended discs of the week:
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Rahul Nanda Nov 26
Finally finished watching , something I've wanted to do since it came out back in 2016. It had it's silly moments but I must say one of the best zombie flicks I've ever seen in recent times. The action starts slow but once it does, it just keeps on coming!!
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teez. Nov 21
If you are a fan of I recommend watching the series on Netflix. Another Korean Horror masterpiece.
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#WeGoAgain Nov 21
So many, how to flush all? They are everywhere, macam
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β™‘Stay-L♑⁷ INη”Ÿ Nov 22
Replying to @bornforjeon @BTS_twt
Omg no😭😭😭 I already big ass cry every time I see this movie... Did you have to put that song with it😭😭😭😭
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Pulling into the station it's our review of the terrific sequel :
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Sight & Sound: The international film magazine Nov 24
Win a Korean film bundle – including Blu-rays of Yeon Sang-ho’s full zombie trilogy – to celebrate the release of the latest in the instalment, Train to Busan Presents: ☞
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Jay Eccent(!COMMISSIONS OPEN!)🍊🍫ART-istic Nov 20
WOW!!! Just got around to watching with my wife. What a beautiful movie. It had funny moments, scary moments and emotional moments. I'm so glad I got to see it. Great acting and effects. Thanks to everyone who kept pushing me to watch it. A very worth while watch.
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akame Nov 28
anyone watch yet? rewatching so i can watch it back-to-back.
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MovieSceneCanada Nov 20
: Enter for a chance to a copy of "TRAIN TO BUSAN: PENINSULA" on 4K Ultra HD Details: Available To Own November 24th *Canadian Residents Only*
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MissKris Nov 24
Replying to @AFizgig
Now Im gonna have to! btw...have you seen ? That was awesome. Highly recommend, if not.
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