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Max Bank 55m
. & me have made a critical contribution to the ongoing consultation on EU-US regulatory cooperation. Our assessment: In the current context, it's particularly dangerous to negotiate on standards with the US. 2.0
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Quegyboe 16h
So if the Alberta provincial government wants to crank up the gas prices in BC because of the pipeline issue, does that mean B.C. can crank up the electricity costs for the power we sell them for their oil sands?
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Alex J. Chambers 16h
China staged the Tesla explosion to To Build loss of confidence in the most prominent US EV producer
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Global Times 45m
There might be a new financial crisis on the horizon, which could be worse than the 2008 tsunami; and China-US might be the two major events triggering the crisis, said Frank-Jurgen Richter, chairman of Switzerland-based think tank Horasis on Tue.
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Michael Hicks 1h
I think the administration is confusing bitter medicine with a colonoscopy. On second thought, that comment may offer some insight into the location of head when he crafted this .
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Ivan Jaya Apr 6
1/2 The US & China have been in talks since Dec-18 trying to end a that is hurting the global . They had agreed on "lots of most difficult points" but that "we have some ways to go". Let’s check what will be the impact to Indonesia, by
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ET2C International 7h
Vietnam has progressively increased its manufacturing sectors, attracting high FDI due to the ongoing . Its GDP grew by 6.79% in the first quarter of 2019, with growth especially in the textile industry and by consumer spending.
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Krystal Chia 10h
In a 160-page report, forecasts a strong 2Q for commodities, lifts copper targets, sees brent oil rising, cuts soybean forecasts, and says that cereal prices are unlikely to recover until mid 2020
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EURUSD bears are strong!! Here is why!! U.S. making a mistake politicizing oil: Iran oil minister
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US economy is doing well!! Dollar is safe heaven!! U.S. new home sales rise to near one-and-a-half-year high
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Trump vows to 'reciprocate' against EU tariffs after Harley reports nearly 27% drop in profit CNBC - via
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Ekonamik 2h
Asides from forward guidance, one of our main takeaways from the 's April meeting was that threats of a with the USA are weighing on the eurozone. Read more about this :
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Sourcing Playground 3h
US with China and its implications 👉
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The Epoch Times Apr 9
“The EU has taken advantage of the U.S. on trade for many years. It will soon stop!” President Trump threatened to add new US on products from the , the latest escalation in the ongoing .
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Sir Frank Bond (Papa Arcane) Apr 21
Replying to @SenJohnThune
However national debt is at an all time high because revenue from taxes has dried up. Cutting Medicare, social security etc is not the answer. Americans middle class is getting screwed and are not helping.
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Business Line Apr 16
| “We’re disappointed. Clearly the priority lies elsewhere.”
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Marilyn Tucker Apr 21
Lost popular vote by 3 million. Kim played him like a fiddle;is testing new weapons, plans meet w/Putin. Colluded but not within prosecutorial definition; definitely obstructed. Ask TN about his . Economy fueled by same principles that led to recession.
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Ekonamik Apr 22
Check 's review of economic developments last week. We reviewed Aramco 's , China-EU trade negotiations, the EU-USA and how it is affecting the . We also think Trump's going too far, when he tries to pack the :
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Adrian Barnard Apr 18
A recent academic study into validity of Huawei’s claim to be owned by its employees raised doubts. Questions remain, now, in its 1st response Huawei itself says the conclusions are “completely unsubstantiated..the debate continues.
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Trump’s Washing Machine Tariffs Stung Consumers While Lifting Corporate Profits NY Times - via
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