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Ezer Rising Jun 15
There is a war on - not a war on men. There is a war on - not a war on men. Learn the difference.
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Brooke Jun 13
“just say no” “ignore them” no matter what we women do, shit like this will happen. if we engage, if we don’t engage. this bullshit has got to fucking go. fuck the “friend zone” women are not here solely for your sexual pleasure/entertainment. kindly, fuck off
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Trina Nash Jun 11
Replying to @tofi_alonte
Lemme hashtag this one for yah
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Arizona Rambler Jun 14
A couple of hours ago I met a beautiful young woman... ...about 4 months pregnant, living on the street with a bicycle and backpack. My brain can't process this. ?
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Five Minute Man 2h
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Anusree Chakraborty 11h
Replying to @AnusreeChakrabo
No babies, you are just a judgemental homophobic ass trying to prove a point and you are the definition of toxic masculinity. Get real, you just can't accept the fact that kpop is a revolution in the music industry.
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Ms. Fat Cheeks Jun 15
I really need a man to explain what exactly are you expecting to happen when you add bass to your voice? Am I supposed to quake and suddenly drop to my knees and comply
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Huey Li 20h
About kids' obsession with colors.
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_supreme.tyy 1h
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Ross Robbi (Zim / Ze / Zer) Jun 16
Replying to @fallonator007
Men calling women things like this dehumanizes them.
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Shantanu Misra Jun 11
Oh! U tweet about and shit 🤣🤣🤣🤣. I ain't an american but i am a resident of India and we share borders with a-holes who did shit like #26/11 and #9/11 so think about ur family when u talk about immigrants.
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Abdulrahman Arti Jun 17
Technically, I AM on a ketogenic diet — being the hardcore carnivore that I am — but some douchebags are taking "keto" a little bit too far… You know something's gone too far when it suddenly becomes every dipshit's Twitter handle. 🖕🏻
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Donte 7h
Replying to @Maarvie
Am here for it
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Brad Pink 11m
And again, that's no place for that on ur side!
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Any Dad In America 13m
Replying to @clynvallejo
And these are women....raping underage male students. 👇 And these are the stats on who commits the majority of child abuse. 👇 This won’t change until we “change how we speak about them”. 🙄
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MavriPsyche 16h
Replying to @KTHopkins
It's got what real women crave.
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kmkmiller 19h
Replying to @TragedyxGirl
Imo is more toxic than
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Carolyn Vallejo 7h
THIS is what frustrates me. They aren't just parents. These aren't just adults. They are DADs. They are MEN. is the problem here, and until we change how we speak about the behavior of men, things won't change.
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Katie Ananina 10h
SAT question: is for ______________ as is for ______________.
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So I’m at my youngest son graduation and the kids are singing Let It Go from the movie Frozen. This boy father is behind me screaming “Boy don’t sing that shit it’s gay, I swear u bet not sing that shit!” I was disgusted. Prime example of
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