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QuiGonGin Jun 10
Exactly! & should ask themselves what would’ve said. He was all for letting the guys race, stop whining and stop the bs politics. I think, though, Lewis knows & unofficially doesn’t think too much of the decision either.
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Don Waggoner Jun 10
Replying to @RACERmag
I certainly don’t give two shits what thinks!
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NEW: Toto Wolff wants to see hard and “wheel-to-wheel” racing in France this weekend. 🏎 🇫🇷 👉🏻
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Remco Mar 19
like two fighting over a bone, the third runs away with it.... sets fastest lap 1:25.580 in lap 57/58, and get 1 point extra and takes scores his 4th victory his last was 2017
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Paolo Marcacci Jun 9
The King of paraculs.
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Sarah Jan 12
Happy birthday May you keep leading us into more and more victories!!! Have your best day today!!!! With plenty of hugs, cakes and gifts!!!!
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NEW: boss Toto Wolff says the best way to get rid of the team's dominance is to leave the regulations alone for the time-being. 🤔 👉🏻
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Petteri Roiha Apr 28
When your team takes a double win, but you are not happy about the winner. Yes, , we saw your excitement, when Valtteri crossed the checkered flag.
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Racetherapy Jun 10
Hey Mr. you ought to be ashamed saying that !! You are not a driver and cannot understand what it is to go through all this!!
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Tata Communications Apr 12
Been a thrill to work alongside of . Thanks for the encouragement on crossing our mark at the 2017 . We’re so excited to swing past another, alongside , in this weekend.
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Christine Smyrnios Jan 12
To the most expressive team principal ....a very Happy Birthday 🎂🎉🎈🎊🎁
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LoChifung ⛩ May 8
Mmm, there’s a story running on the Dutch website GPtoday stating that Toto Wolff is on Liberty Media’s shortlist in succeeding Chase Carey as FOM’s CEO in 2021. Can’t imagine Toto operating in such an environment at this moment.
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Heidi Wolff Jun 9
played assho*e football & lost & need to play the way at the national team level, had a victory stolen from him by the stewards, & has become so corporate it's taken the racer out of him. What a day!
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Aakash Kamble Jun 9
Replying to @Vetteleclerc
This is bullshit. Ham is pure hypocrite. He cries full on radio. Wolff knows this is business. Let the fans be gone. He wants to win with empty stands too. No respect for the race. Just money matters #
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NEW: Toto Wolff wants to leave the rules ALONE in 2021! 🤔 👉🏻
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ValterS Jun 9
, , in Montecarlo, 2016, similar situation, no penalty to , in 2019, Canada, penalty for . This is unfair and kills motorsports. F1 is becoming everyday more annoying. Are you happy Toto?
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stefano staffa Jun 10
You are a shit man .
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RACER Jun 18
.'s insists the teams are united in their desire to get the 2021 regs right even if compromises are so far elusive.
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Chris Bunch May 21
So sad to hear of the passing on Niki Lauda. Great guy and one of the very few people in F1 to be completely honest and say it as he saw it even when it reflected badly on Mercedes. He'll be sorely missed.
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Christine Smyrnios May 24
Heartfelt tribute to from 💔
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