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Gary Mcardle 5h
And this’Thing’ wants a shot at the top job in British politics. Once a Tw*t ALWAYS a Tw*t
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Mike 🌹 17m
Replying to @theresa_may
How those bin men chuckled to themselves, reminiscing back to the days when they didn’t have to check bins for homeless people & their children. How we laughed on a night out tripping over more homeless people laying in doorways...
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Eddie Jan 16
Replying to @IainDale @LBC
It's also Another cold night for the estimated 10,000 people sleeping rough on our streets tonight. 😔
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Wayne Tully Jan 16
Replying to @IanDunt
I haven't had a night in with my wife for nearly 2 weeks, she gets home at 4, I go to work at 4.30
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Andrew Goodhead Jan 16
this is how much it cost to be part of the EU - just look how much serviced a national debt for which there’s no customs union or free movement of people.
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Fiona Lynas 2h
Young people talking about food poverty and the stigma that goes with it . A healthy diet is unaffordable for 4 million people. You can't concentrate at school when you are hungry.
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Bella #NHSLove #GTTO Jan 16
Replying to @Rachael_Swindon
To be expected from Tories. After all none of them can understand or relate to the daily struggles people face due to their cruel policies
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Christoph Jan 12
We have cabinet ministers such as warning that a will lead to a far-right uprising. They haven’t condemned this possibility as wrong and by doing so, they are encouraging a far-right response. No vow to stop this terrorism.
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Nancy Whitmarsh Jan 11
Don't be fooled people! If there wasn't the likelihood of an upcoming election there'd be no changes to uc or plan for the NHS!
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Deryck Jan 11
The u-turn on the 2 child cap policy is straight out the Tory handbook. Reverse unpopular policy in order to seem more electable. They’re preparing for a GE - You can smell it.
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Braders 🇪🇺 #GTTO 🌹 Jan 16
The majority of just do not care! The few that do pretend to take an interest in the plight of the great unwashed in this country, have absolutely no idea or understanding of what it's like to live in abject poverty. Especially when a government is incumbent!
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Gemma Bonham Jan 12
Replying to @Hepworthclare
I am reading a book about the Reform Act. Who would have dreamt that 184 years later we would be left with punitive state intervention, the assertion that there is an “undeserving poor”, and rapidly increasing homelessness and hunger. It is 21C!
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Tazeen Jan 16
How could anyone be that brainless & degraded! To all the pathetic brainwashed followers your time is up! You will be behind the bars soon your sick ideology has stained this nation no more abuse u will be defeated👊👎
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Ruari C♠rmack Jan 12
Another crime, another police report closed without investigation. 90% crimes unsolved is wholly unacceptable. This surely negates my tax contributions until the odds are back into the law abiding citizens favour, don't you agree?
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John Stanners 20h
Replying to @SkyNews
The regard Tory MPs have for honesty, the rule of law, and not least the public who they blatantly cheated.
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Reggie Noo Jan 10
So sad.
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i make stuff Jan 15
Replying to @PlasterAndPixel
Imagine, going to meetings with foreign politicians etc and THEY all know of your failure too. Then trying to further negotiate deals with them when they've lost all respect for you. In fact they probably pity your desperation.
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Jude #FBPE 2h
That screen shot back and more relevant than ever after his over the top tirade yesterday..
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Jerry Hicks 8h
Labour's Tom Watson touched on the mood of the country with his closing remarks of the no confidence motion. It is a shame the Tories didn’t listen.
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Tazeen 9h
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