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Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu 19s
Govt mismanages the U.K. into worst & highest deaths in Europe; lied UK into so that at a time we need our closest neighbours as allies we're without; plus terrible austerity in last 11yrs are fault This is the crisis not refugees
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Restore Hope 12h
Replying to @JamesCleverly
. thank you for confirming that as a you completely lack any emotional intelligence.
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Restore Hope 20h
Has the government condemned the rigged elections and the police violence in or not yet?
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Pete Hudson #FBPE #RejoinEU 🇪🇺 16h
A warning for the UK. Our postal voting system is handled by the private sector, with connections. will be tempted, if not drooling to do likewise.
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Jon Danzig 22h
The BBC call them ; and other media call them illegal; some MPs and Nigel Farage call them ‘invaders’. They are none of those. Watch this 2-minute video. Read and share my compassioned defence of . Link:
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Retired, crosser, #wearamask #BLM 2h
When did this “UK government account” flag appear? And why is it needed? To indicate the owner is part of the problem? (As if we didn’t know)
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⬛Fen C: Pro-#EU; Ctr-Left Soc. Democrat; 3.5% Aug 11
For me it's more than just being embarrassed to be English or British: it's about being embarrassed to be part of a species in which 'values' can emerge; where stupidity has become rampant; and hence in which "populism" can "work", to the disadvantage of that whole species.
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Restore Hope Aug 10
. & his pathetic brainless lackeys including many in the xenophobic & racist party argue that some refugees arriving in dinghies are a 'national humiliation'. This disgraceful lot has no real perspective on life...
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Angel sirius 2m
10 yrs of what did UK expect to happen? "The UK economy is officially in the 'largest recession on record'"
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Mr. Dan Johnson | UK Lawyer | +44 (0) 7788 537 187 Aug 11
Last night I had supper with a friend at the RAC Club in St. James’s - A wonderful meal on a late evening sunlit terrace just off the Grand Gallery. This Govt. subsidised our meal. However, if it was a school meal for a disadvantaged child or a food bank needing help . . .
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Simon 🍐son 🚩⚒🌂 🥽 4h
Don't be fooled by the spin, this government has done next to nothing for renters. A precarious sector of the population deserve far greater protection. We need a new politics
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Sue Lane 15h
Replying to @RosieDuffield1
don't know why you bothered to let us know, it's (moderate not 'hard left') socialists who are fighting against & right wing while the centrist regime has continued to disrespect us while actually praising the
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Maureen Fitzsimmons Aug 8
Replying to @mojos55
If you’re one of those angry people because you think this country can’t afford asylum seekers, you should be 1000 times more angry at the astonishing waste caused by this incompetent and deeply corrupt government.
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Susan Scarrott 25m
All due respect to the work you have undertaken in the past ...but as built his career & reputation on targeted ...can't see many in the party supporting 'democratic' practices in the future!
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The Nottinghamian 🌹#GTTO 9h
This made me snort my tea across the room! 😂😁
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⬛Fen C: Pro-#EU; Ctr-Left Soc. Democrat; 3.5% Aug 7
Replying to @eliistender10
👆Never trust a .
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asymetricjockey-Recession proof Global Britain?Hah Aug 9
Replying to @sajidjavid
What? Are you mad-a Russian born son of a KGB colonel in House of Lords... an oligarch with money of dubious provenance allowed to buy into the MSM- a man with close connections still in Russia.. Oh, sorry I forgot he bunged to the Party.. so thats OK then. Shameful..
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Julie Stevenson 7m
Who in their right mind put CLEVERly and BRAINtree together? sense of humour
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richard Ⓥ Aug 10
Replying to @AbiWilks
125,000+ dead due to austerity 60,000+ dead due to road trip during Still no Track, Trace & test app suspect cover up Silence Oh look asylum seekers
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Colin Hamer 🇪🇺🇲🇹🇬🇧 14h
Replying to @skiologist
Typical horrible people from what used to be a Great country god I am ashamed of what my country has become... started the decline and every PM since has encouraged this selfish xenophobia
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