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TogetherWithTenant 5 May 19
Replying to @musicmp
£43,000 a year to run. Funding urgently required to support Age UK Cheshire's Money Matters project
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TogetherWithTenant 4 May 19
Replying to @TorusTalk
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Rough sleeper 10 May 19
Investors in ethical funds usually hope to do some good in the world, not just hold their noses and avoid backing morally dubious How to pick an ethical fund that ACTIVELY benefits society via
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TogetherWithTenant 9 May 19
‘Taxpayer should not fund removal of Grenfell-type cladding from private blocks’
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Jim_Warrington 23 Apr 19
Hello Torus, Public Community and Tenants want answers as promised and regulated not filtered monotonous reports.
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Rough sleeper 15 May 19
What have we been saying! Homeless people in UK ‘denied social housing as risky tenants’
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John Dobson 2 Aug 19
Liverpool have sold the site of their Melwood training ground to a property developer. The plot in West Derby has been bought by Torus, a company committed to the construction of affordable housing. The deal will reportedly earn the European champions £10million,
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Jim_Warrington 29 Apr 19
Hi Hi Torus Any new Tenants having to agree a six year Tenancy will they receive compensation for losing their homes along with moving cost and accumulated losses invested in their homes over 6 12 or 18 years?
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Rough sleeper 16 May 19
landlords should not rule out further changes to tax laws in the PRS in ongoing political uncertainty and a future change of Government FSE Manchester: Landlords advised to prepare for new legislation
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