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debbi thomas #FBPE 6m
I am beyond angry with the right wing of politics. And anyone who votes for the greedy manipulative that they are. Since the got in, we have become a divided hate filled country. As has happened in the US.
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Arlene B. Heed 5h
Replying to @UKIP @okeykokey
! But, if I was a as I one day hope to be, I would vote for all of the time.
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Citizen of Nowhere #PCPEU #GeneralElectionNow 17m
They have completely ignored their Royal Charter. are culpable;
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Hovellin' Hermit Nov 15
In a moment of confusion Chukka Umunna and Jess Phillips tender their resignations to Theresa May and thank her for the years of support she has given them whilst they were working for the .
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PeterM Nov 17
talk about pushing the self destruct button, get your heads out of your backsides and think about who would replace , Bojo, Rees-Mogg, both about as electable as a PM as Corbyn is,
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Matters🤚 #GTTO🌹🇵🇸🌍🛐🐾🌲👊🏼 49m
The should be known as a Government of Mass Destruction caused by their Austerity & Welfare cuts. The Guardian view on poverty in Britain: not just shocking but shameful | Editorial
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ThisIsNonsense Nov 17
Replying to @davidschneider
But i don’t think it’s just the ... 🧐
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Helena 2h
Spitting Image - Thatcher's Cabinet (S01E03) what a show they could have - spoilt for material with the ! via
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Macclabour 7h
The have all had an irony by-pass
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Steve Zodiac #GTTO 3h
for eight forking years!! The magic money tree must be overflowing with dosh unless the agents of evil have stolen it all where’s all our forking money gone?
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whosebrightidea? #NHSLove 8h
Replying to @justthevax @Femi_Sorry
We had the migration impact fund, but the scrapped it. That was a perfectly good solution imo.
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Philip C James 4h
UK set up EFTA to rival EEC after de Gaulle blackballed us when we belatedly realised how big it would become. Symptomatic of blinkered and hubristic thinking of et al that they think we can rejoin EFTA w/o taking their views into account.
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OVER 38,000 Votes now... 79% YES 21% No ()...
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Badger's Account Nov 17
According to the we’re all in it together. Aye right! One point the ambassador failed to mention, however, was the 9 year council tax freeze, which impacted disproportionately on services needed by the poorest. An austerity double whammy. .
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Macclabour 6h
The young girl is happy to know that the Economy is strong and if she could hear and talk might just ask, in which case why do I have to have a work assessment and lose my home ? But she can’t so govt punished her
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Zulubus 13h
Replying to @bbclaurauk
Are you employed by the ?
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Macclabour 19h
And the have dismissed it out of hand. The time has come for a GE and to get them out
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Julie #Onevoice #WASPI #lovenhs 15h
She a disgrace, I can recall taken photo opportunities with the youth services ,then the put the boot in ,too discredit with pure lies ,he done more for peace ,they must be very worried
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Maureen Fitzsimmons 4h
Who thinks the will pull out of ?
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SwotTyler 6h
Replying to @TolpuddleTom
only we get here are rats, drug dealers and :)
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