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MaccLabour 11m
Agreed. ‘Let me be clear’ , another over used political phrase, though the ‘all over the place’ is a sweeping smear that had crept in. I get it that woukd try but There must be ‘phrases’ that the BBC discourages?
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John Perry 2h
Now the in County Council are cutting homeless funding from £6 million to £2 million. Why do they target the disadvantaged with cuts?
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MayBot 22m
Replying to @Lady_Colleen @Byrne108
They are nervous about young citizens learning about standing up for themselves. If children are demonstrating now, the are frightened about what happens when these children become adults.
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Klein959 54m
Replying to @andrealeadsom
No thanks, would rather spend ten weeks skint on a DWP sanction than work for the .
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MaccLabour 2h
Particularly like the banners directed at ‘There’s no Planet B’ and ‘I’ve seen smarter Cabinets in IKEA ‘
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MaccLabour 22m
It should be forbidden for any or current affairs programme presenters to use the phrase ‘all over the place’ It is frequently used against NEVER used against
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Alresford Bear and the Town Mill Teddy Posse 6h
That tweet was a parody of the contradictions of social justice warriors. Happy to stand with people. As long as they dont pick up their tab for their opportunities lost. And dont even get me started on the evil .
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Torquay-Dan 50m
Replying to @jeremycorbyn
Today we marched against .... Oh wait no you didn't. In fact you support Brexit and may hand the a No-Deal Brexit. Your march 16 years ago does nothing to show for your lack of opposition of Brexit today, which is an existential threat to the UK.
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Stephi King Feb 14
Replying to @Kirsty26359909
This is appalling Kirsty!! Thought my situation was bad because of UC but this lady’s predicament is just not acceptable. Don’t understand why are winning in polls when they are starving the people they govern
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97thmonkey 1h
Just seen talking about excessive waste. He should get in the bog with the rest of the 💩
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Corbyn Bot 13h
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lydia.thom 10h
Replying to @thom_lydia
taking patriotic, moral high ground as if they own it. was sold appealing to notions of a glorious past of the British Empire in jingoistic vision, as with the debacle. imply supporting makes you a traitor?
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Hat Tottins #NHSLove #BackTo60 #GreersLaw 6h
The talk about “personal responsibility”. OK you won’t mind going to jail then when found guilty of economic murder / gross negligence manslaughter of innocent UK disabled?
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Can anyone find in this picture? 🧐 ?
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ChrisT Feb 14
Replying to @benscoble
First they came for the..... .........….you know the rest
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Meg Thomas Feb 14
Am I the only person that thinks should team up with and and a few sensible and be one lovely happy party and get rid of this horrible government and ?? And yes I am on planet earth
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Philip C James Feb 14
Replying to @PhilipCJames
Official Opposition's Amendment A, now being voted in House of Commons; Speaker Bercow's just asked for the doors to be locked. What would the damage be if Bercow forgot to order the doors unlocked?
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Dr. G A Lloyd 10h
Labour bashing shock on yet again yawn - Adrian chiles and his crew. is pathetic, stick your license fee up your bottoms
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Helena Feb 13
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MrDrem Feb 12
This is awful. This is what the are doing to our schools. They should not have to beg for funds from their communities. This is what my taxes are supposed to be doing. I am (once again) furious with them. I hope one appears at my door.
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