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Jess McDonald 20 Oct 11
so close to finishing, must stop fannying about on the internet
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Emi 26 Feb 13
People on must really hate me.
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Alicia Lewis Sep 9
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Skatch 30 Apr 16
Replying to @AuntBsRamblings
every tweet saved for prosperity too. Would make Facebook seem tame.
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Jason McCabe 16 Feb 13
Too many tweets to catch up on. Will just have to use Facebook and Tumblr to stay on top of things for the next 10 days...
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The Signal 19 Sep 18
Come down and spin your own vinyl through our house system tonight from 5pm!
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Dr Sam Strong ⚡ Sep 12
I always absolutley love going to as it's full of people presenting incredible research, and I always learn something totally new! Thanks to everyone who came to my talk today! I hope the point treats you well 😍
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Søren Schrøder 10 Dec 14
Replying to @_kahope
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