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Slytherin Scientist May 13
For the fellowship. At least one of them got a happy ending.
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Katie May 10
warmed my little heart last night ❤
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Megan. May 10
Taking myself out on a date to see 🥰
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Daily Box Office Top 8 for Tuesday, May 14, 2019 1. - $5.74M 2. - $5.34M 3. - $1.49M 4. - $981K 5. - $888K 6. - $836K 7. - $405K 8. - $299K
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Dome Karukoski Jun 7
opening now in HOLLAND and NEW ZEALAND! and next week: AUSTRALIA, NORWAY, COLOMBIA, MEXICO, CHILE and SPAIN! More to come and still running in many countries including BRAZIL! Go see it! It’s a poetic drama of friendship, love and the power of art.
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Sørina Higgins May 7
Whoa! The director of just gave a copy of 's book "Tolkien and the Great War"!!
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In Deep Geek May 9
I enjoyed the It was lovely. It felt quite restricted in its format, and so some elements were a little forced, but it was well acted and often affecting. Don't expect a full exploration of his inspirations, but instead a diverting variant on a well-loved tune.
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collectress @ SDCC May 8
I’m so grateful that I got to attend the premiere of with my
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Tolkien May 22
See where the legends began. is now playing everywhere. Get tickets:
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Lyrical Professor May 18
Reply Retweet Like @ SDCC Sat 6:45pm May 25
Good morning. It's Saturday, it's a holiday weekend in America, and TOLKIEN may still be playing in your local theater. It's also Ian Mckellen's birthday. Go see it as Gandalf would want.
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DEENK Library May 10
😉We celebrate the upcoming 📽️Tolkien film 🎥in DEENK style ! 📖
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Go see this weekend! would want you to!
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Chica Chubb in Middle-Earth May 9
Good morning from Tokyo!✈️ Looking forward to visiting NYC to see the exhibition & ! 🎬😆📖
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Fr. John Hollowell May 10
The REAL said that everything he did was motivated by his Catholic Faith. Don’t let Hollywood tell you otherwise
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Tara Bitran May 8
Joking that he’d been mispronouncing Tolkien’s name his whole life, Nicholas Hoult was first introduced to The Hobbit on the set of About a Boy.
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Tolkien May 25
Helheimr! What act of bravery have you committed this year?
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Alys West May 6
is a lovely film about , and . It’s got a ‘Dead Poet’s Society’ vibe which I really loved. Don’t be put off by the less than inspiring reviews, it’s definitely worth seeing.
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Paul Smith May 4
If you're thinking of seeing the but have been put off by some of the reviews, read this by Nicholas Tucker, and ignore the usual Maher nonsense. Why does he hate so much so much? Then go and see the film, it's lovely
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Kimberly Ross May 14
I thoroughly enjoyed and thought it a wonderful mix of the idealistic, imaginary, and the real. I think most Tolkien fans would/should appreciate it.
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