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Mike Carter Feb 12
Replying to @g_ting
So, did you... eat the ?
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William Schofield Feb 19
Getting all over my work shirt
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Deseree Labuguen Feb 14
It's a Heart Day! I remember my ex, 6 yrs ago same day when he got home, he greeted me without giving anything.Then he said, I saw a mini at the 7/11 store upon checking the price I decided not to buy it. me : why? Him: because it worth a 2kg rice!
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Adrian holland Feb 21
the nearest I can get for a city toblerone
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Mattman🦍 #FBPE 19h
so far the trade agreements secured for Brexit day mean we will be OK for and some weird goat type stuff but otherwise we are fucked BBC News - Brexit: Japan trade deal will not be ready by deadline
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Arelys Catena Feb 16
Love at first sight 😍 believe or not I didn’t buy it 🤦🏽‍♀️ @ Publix Super Market at The Shoppes of Silver Lakes
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John Aiken Feb 17
Replying to @thequentinletts
Can you bring me back some please?
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Chris J Keelty Feb 17
Replying to @Mangolandless
it has helped no one why do you think energy prices have gone up so much not to mention shribnkflation - you know that trick where we pay the same but get less far less - oh dear facts will outweigh lies Ask people losing their jobs
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Michal mw 8h
The BEST BAILEYS CHOCOLATE CHEESECAKE with Toblerone chocolate… completely no-bake (so there’s no need to turn the oven on!). Easy and delicious!
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Tony Jones Feb 14
Replying to @SportIntegrity @IEM
The Swiss format does include chocolate?
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Toby_the_Bagel_Basset_Hound Feb 19
I'm a kind of paranoiac in reverse. I suspect people of plotting to make me happy.
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Lauren Feb 16
Have changed the size again??
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phillipa kelly 6h
It’s back!!! Toblerone cheesecake 😍😍 @ Zest Cafe Lounge
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Jenni Rowe Feb 14
Best gift from my boys 🥰❤️
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Trenton J. Raygor Feb 14
Replying to @amykberger
It’s likely a flash in the pan, but maybe this time is different. I hope you’re well too. Got that ?
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Caffè Aurora Feb 18
Be in a smooth, sweet and chocolatey heaven with our Cheesecake! Pop in and relax on one of our sofas with a slice!
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DJ Butta-Fingaz Feb 17
Gifts from Brazil... 🇧🇷 throw chocolate bar🍫 Book
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Sean Callaghan Feb 14
Replying to @IanDunt
To be fair, he’s only going to get a giant bar of and a fresh bottle of Jazz from the duty free.
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Sammy Feb 15
Also went on a cable car to the top of Aiguille du midi and saw the Matterhorn from the top and now my life is complete.
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