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Luigi Zolio Jan 11
I start my doctoring career in a subacute ward next week. What do GPs value in a discharge handover phone call with hospital HMOs?
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AMA Media Jan 15
Hundreds of interns are starting in Australia's hospitals this month, prompting a flurry of advice from doctors who were once in their shoes. Dr Anderson has compiled his favourite pointers from the conversation
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Dr Sammy Nov 10
Wise words from consultant on . Nurses spend all day with a patient, doctors see them for brief encounters. If they are worried, be worried. Their assessment is just as important as yours
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Dr.Peter Aquilina 23h
I’d rather be woken up 100 times for a problem that turns out to be minor, than turn up in the morning to find a patient with a major problem: don’t hesitate to call your registrar or consultant if you think it’s needed
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Jon Hagedorn, MD Jan 5
I get asked a lot by applicants, what is my #1 piece of advice for new residents? My answer will always be - BE EARLY! Being early allows you to be prepared, know your patient, address unplanned issues..all without any stress.
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Matti G 52m
Here’s a practical one- remember you can kill people with insulin and potassium and you will be expected to prescribe both frequently. With insulin - you can always give more and with K- give slowly!
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AdvanceMed Jan 16
Your registrars & consultants don't expect perfection. If you make mistakes - identify these & learn from them.
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Toby Gilbert Jan 11
The stethoscope may be the sine qua non of the physician, but when a doctor holds a pen, they wield tremendous power: to prescribe narcotics, excuse from work, detain a patient against their will. Paperwork might feel tedious, but the responsibility is weighty.
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To all of the newly minted commencing internship, congratulations. To help you on your journey, . is sharing with you 9 tips from the Twitterverse,
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Dr Nikki Stamp FRACS Jan 14
It's new intern day here in Oz. You will all be fine - you will learn so much and don't forget to ask for help when you need it. My tip is make this world great, by small or big actions.
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Skye Kinder Jan 14
Replying to @PRINT_pearls
Great initiative! I’ve shared some of my in today:
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Caitlin Weston Jan 15
One of the bravest things you can do as a junior doctor is to ask for help when you’re snowed under, and accept help when it’s offered
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Irfan Dhalla 13h
His doc said he did “exceedingly well” on the test. Saying someone did “exceedingly well” on the MoCA is like saying someone tied their shoelaces “exceedingly well”.
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Neel Gobin Jan 14
Good luck to all interns starting this month! Remember, as a doctor-in-training, it's okay (acceptable & even appreciated) to say "I don't know".
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Charlotte Durand Jan 14
Today is new intern day in Aus ❤️ please share your to welcome them to the team.
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1. keep an open mind 2. plan your life 3. plan your career 4. be organised 5. talk to patients. From the archives - tips from . .
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Jackie 4h
Inaugural intern wellbeing seminar at , a new initiative focused on making sure interns well equipped to look after themselves before starting orientation next week! Lots of valuable advice from junior and senior docs.
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PRINT Pearls 10h
“It's perfectly okay to cry when your patient dies. The reason why you became a Doctor is because you care! Please never lose that” - Submitted by a CNC at Alfred Health via
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Cindy Flores 24h
Hope the new are settling well in their health services. Have you received your pack yet?
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PRINT Pearls Jan 15
Don't forget to introduce yourselves! by global movement co-founder : "an introduction goes a long way at the start of a relationship." More info at
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