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Wren Jun 15
It’s a pretty open secret in the YouTube-sphere that Toby Turner is guilty of what he’s accused of. I’m sorry if you like him. I did too once, just like I did Hardwick. But these are bad people and undeserving of your sympathy.
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Julia Haber 🔥 Jun 15
As an atheist Jew (it’s a thing) I just want to say the number of Jewish men involved these hellish times is a total disgrace. We need to end “Jewish prince” syndrome now—
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Jessi Lovejoy Jun 18
If your response to women asking men to call out their mate’s shitty behaviour is to say “not all men” you’re part of the problem and you’re clearly not listening.
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Jean Genie Jun 16
To the Mother of my assaulter...
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Blake Kitterman 11h
My rapist was hired as the campaign manager on ’s State House campaign. I reported him, and gave Toomey so much evidence, including where my rapist was found guilty by his university. Today, I get this email. This is why survivors don’t speak up.
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on MEN are NOT the masters of WOMEN and our must reflect this TRUTH. to STAND and ACT! JOIN US at the General Assembly in RALEIGH tomorrow at 11:30am to !
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Red Jun 19
Replying to @RedeateAlemu
Krish O’mara Vignarajah(D) End Mass Incarceration Regulate guns LGBT Equality Welcome Immigrants Climate change initiative Black lives Matter Pro Choice Increase funding for MD HBCUs Expand opportunities to Eastern MD Create 250,000 jobs regulate guns re-train police
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Patron Jun 13
Amy Adams. "I have worked with some of the meanest people in the world. You can't do anything to intimidate me."
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Alisha Grauso Jun 18
If anyone has any connections to a good lawyer in the LA area, let me know. I have a friend being sued by a man she outed as a sexual predator in the entertainment industry. I'm helping look for a lawyer. She's brave as hell and I am in awe of her.
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Sanford Heisler Sharp Jun 16
Vice-Chairman Jeremy Heisler: "There has been a rise in sexual harassment cases, prompted in part by the and movements. Both have illuminated the widespread harassment and discrimination women face in many industries."
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Occultae Veritatis Podcast - OVPOD Jun 17
Occultae Veritatis Podcast Case #031: Harvey Weinstein Harvey Weinstein had been accused by over 90 women of harrassement, intimidation and rape. Palet Cleanser: Dan Harmon's Apology CW: Rape, sexual assault Subscribe:
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Candy Palmater 14h
A certain generation of men, who simply yell over you when you express an opinion they don’t agree with...I’m so over that.
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Griz Jun 17
Replying to @soychicka
This is important because Hastert is ground zero when you are looking at how far the Republican Party is willing to go to cover up known child rape among the GOP. And also, what happens to your party when your kompromat database is hacked? Someone can own your party.
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Congressmen Seek Investigation After 9 Abortionists Caught Doing Abortions on Teen Girls, Not Reporting Sexual Assault
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Nicola Coughlan Jun 15
To be honest this blew up in a way I was not expecting and it’s been overwhelming (both good &bad) I just want to say I’m very, very grateful for all the support I’ve been given in the last 24 hours on reviewing women’s bodies, when you should be reviewing their work
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Mosharraf Zaidi Jun 20
for Pakistani feudals. Happening in the Punjab for over a decade - Seraiki belt wave of businessmen MNAs offer some evidence. If not this election, by 2023 even Sindh’s rural voters are going to be grabbing insufferable rich boys and girls by the scruff of the neck.
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Rylee Newton Jun 19
Being in a relationship does not equal consent. The more involved I get in this community, the more I hear from survivors who were assaulted by their S/O. Dating someone does not give you the rights to his/her body. NOTHING gives you the rights to someone else’s body.
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Rebecca Salazar Leon Jun 16
Ok, here goes: I walked out of the town hall at when a UBCA signatory tried to co-opt the last word. This happened after the organizers had specifically called on the students in the room for final comments, & were clearly wrapping up.
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London_Theatre Jun 14
The cast of Six Joan Crawfords by join together in taking against who has been physically threatening the playwright behind our production. Kevon Ward wrote he wished a victim of sexual assault would get raped again!
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Patron 21h
Lauren Bacall. I think your whole life shows in your face and you should be proud of that.
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