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2013 2623 with a 29' working width, 9" spacing, rolling basket, 3-section fold, 25.5" front blades, 25.75" rear blades & more, listed by !
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AMAZONE Inc Sep 11
Working together with , the Catros+ 9003-2TX is taking care of this corn stubble. Look at that!
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BSSS Sep 15
Following a fantastic event on erosion last month, our next Zoom into Soil session will be on zero . How does zero-tillage compare to more conventional tillage methods? Join to hear about this and more! Register today:
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Korey Peters Sep 15
Working our home section that is still bumpy from corn harvest19 after a wet September last fall. Straighten it out a bit more after a canola crop on it this year.
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Willie_Vogt Sep 16
Kind of amazing the many ways you can turn dirt, size residue.
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Kevin Canniffe 16h
A smashing day out helping my friend down in Carlow harvesting his crop of beans. Got to drive tractors, a combine and chat with good friends - couldn’t ask for anything more.
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Mandako Agri Sep 15
We are in West Fargo for day 1 at the 40th annual . Come check out our exhibit of land rollers and tillage units!
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2016 Heliodor Gigant 12S/1600 with a 52' working width, 18-19" discs, double rolling baskets & more, listed by !
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AMAZONE Inc Sep 14
Watch a + 7003-2 TX working together with a tractor. Very nice filmmaking by Agri-91
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AMAZONE Inc Sep 16
Congratulations to Ferme Pittet for the startup of their new Catros+ 8003-2 TX! Dealer: Machinerie Avantis
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Muddy River Sep 16
Focus 12 MT one pass cultivation via
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2211-11 disc with hydraulic blade lift adjustment, manual gang angle, 2" straight points & more, listed by Born Implement!
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Heritage Agriculture Sep 14
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Central Statistics Office Ireland 2h
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Gaber Distributors 🇨🇦 Sep 16
Need tillage tools? Contact one of Gaber Distributor's experts today! ✅Industry leading pricing & warranty ✅OEM quality or better ✅Fast, cost effective shipping ✅Huge inventory
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Agronomy Sep 10
Power Transmission Efficiency Analysis of 42 kW Power Agricultural According to Depth during by Yeon-Soo Kim, Wan-Soo Kim, Md. Abu Ayub Siddique, et al.
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Green Tractors Sep 11
Rubin 9! Today our Kingston team is rocking a Lemken Tillage demo day today on Wolfe Island at Jason Pykes farm!
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Gaber Distributors 🇨🇦 Sep 15
Ready for fall tillage? We have a 40' Baldan GDOB with long life oil bath bearings ready to go. Contact our experts for more information.
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7400 disc with a 24' working width, 9" spacing, rock-flex, walking tadems, 3-bar coil tine harrow & 23" blades, listed by Born Implement!
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