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RajyaShree Oct 17
Try this Amla Curry leaves Rice❤️ which is both healthy&tasty!! 😋💪😍 Get the Goodness of Iron&Vitamin C. As Curry leaves&Amla contains lots of antioxidants, it makes u stay young & its a natural hair tonic.Say good bye to grey hair ❤️
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RajyaShree Oct 31
Millet Multigrain Roti with Aaloo Gobi Sprout kurma, onion raitha & Masala Omelette together makes it a healthy breakfast!! 👌💪😍 Spreading some homemade ghee on Rotis gives a lovely flavour!! 😋😍👍 ❤️❤️❤️
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RajyaShree Nov 2
Prepared BisibellaBath for lunch on my aunty's request as she loves it a lot!😍Lots of veggies added to it, the flavour of small onions&a spoonful of homemade ghee makes it a more desirable&yummy dish!👌😋 Best one to pack up for lunch 😊👍
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Dont know what to make for your child’s tiffin this week? shares her son’s favourites
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