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Zach Karn 25 Jan 15
It's kind of annoying to watch high schoolers cry about delays once you are in college.
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James Noir Mar 19
Bullet-Point Productions presents: "BLOODSTAINED DESKS" School shootings... They don't happen here... Do they? New Adelphi Studio Theatre, Salford 5/9 - 19:15 5/11 - 11:00 Tickets: TBA RSVP:
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James Noir Apr 8
"BLOODSTAINED DESKS" official trailer premieres at 6pm on my YouTube! Please go and subscribe and set your reminders so you don't miss it!
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James Noir Apr 1
Check out the latest teaser for Bullet-Point Productions's "Bloodstained Desks"! RSVP to the show here:
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Daisy Moston Apr 8
Official trailer for Bloodstained Desks is now available! I’m so happy to be a part of this show and it will be good. Tickets available soon 😆😆
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Matt Matre 23 Aug 11
Was that just an Earthquake?
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