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John 3m
If anyone failed it's & her Cabinet. Firefighters put their lives on the line day in day out, which is more than can be said about May 😡
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AlexRedwedge 6h
Schoolchildren chanting f*ck . Amazing.
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AmericanCaddoGentile 1h
Replying to @business
Oh boy!! Back to the old days of mutton and haggis 🤢Smh
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Tom 16m
Replying to @BBCBreaking
And this is why is utterly useless at her job, 2 years to sort out brexit and now companies are feeling the backlash.
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Philippe Le Mur Feb 15
You couldn't make it up! School children protesting abour air quality and climate change are accused of wasting time by TM the PM the high priestess of procrastination and tergiversation. Give me some of what she's on please!
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Bruce Richardson Feb 15
The as "Black Night in Monty Python and the Holy Grail" comparison must have been done to death by now, right? Politically, she's just a limbless torso shouting "I'll bite your legs off!" at the EU.
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Patrick Feb 11
Best Actress: for her performance in Pretending. A political thriller in which a Prime Minister, in a race against the clock, has to convince voters that a referendum result she & most of her cabinet voted against will be honoured. Cast as extras The British People.
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Michael Alexander Kearsley 22h
He's positioning himself for a leadership election when eventually goes.
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Josh Higgins 12h
Replying to @AlistairBurtUK
No. The UK will leave without a deal. Please remember that over 17.4m people VOTED to LEAVE the (that’s ALL of it)! NOT ONE PERSON voted for any deal whatsoever! Leave won! !
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Catherine 2h
Replying to @Andrew_Adonis
Of all her many failings, 's poor judgement in selection of ministers is possibly one of the most damaging
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SteWig 8h
speaking sense for . How a small elites people can take the country towards financial disgrace for their own deluded greed is just unacceptable. Put he country first.
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Suzi Feb 15
Replying to @BetteMidler
I wouldn't say we are all upset by this particular issue. Rather general spineless tomfoolery when our nation needs a leader.
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Chris💬 8h
7 police officers to arrest a school child protesting climate change. Unacceptable. Britain is becoming a dictatorship Supreme Leader and The really do Hate you all
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John Dashwood Feb 12
should now sack , apologise and then resign.
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🇪🇺 🏳️‍🌈 Ally supports Scottish🎗️Independence 3h
No Andrew!! It's Not Can..... It's WILL! . Then we can get on with going after & her Cabalistic groupies!
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A.Sentient 3h
Out with might be more apt!
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Cardboard Belt Feb 15
asks MPs if they agree with what they said on 29 Jan. They say Noe. That’s apparently a defeat for her strategy. says the government shouldn’t ignore Parliament. Which? The one that opposes No Deal or the one that doesn’t?
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moorefeakins Feb 11
PM accepts offer of more talks with to break the Brexit deadlock, boosting chances of a breakthrough. indicated their teams should meet "as soon as possible" - with less than 50 days to go until the UK leaves the EU & no agreement ratified by parliament.
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Replying to @SkyNews
criticises over but its OK for to waste 2.5yrs on ridiculous totally ineffective negotiations which have cost millions These could do better The audacity and hypocrisy of is unbelievable
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John Buckoke 4h
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