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yasmin lopez 4h
Help a single mom out today 👩‍👦‍👦
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Aster.lounge 1h
Swear my metabolism need to stop playing with my ass Check the scale everyday One day i lost 3 lbs The next day i gained 7 wtf?????? Bouta just stab myself with a knife and pluck out the fat fuck it
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adam 3h
big up mr hays letting me off a few pennies
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PatraAshley👄 4h
Replying to @Booby_Simien
Man ..... this just crazy ... might as well call me mama & daddy!!!! Man and Woman!!!
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Ms. Independent Apr 19
Act a fool.... or take the high road? 🤔
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b. 5h
Does anyone else have to shop at like 2-3 different grocery stores just to get everything they need? Or is that just me? That’s just me. Okay.
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WonderWoman  🇬🇭 Apr 19
Did my hair 2 weeks ago and I'm already bored.
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Lilly 2h
Getting real tired of assigning me middle seats, but also not willing to pay for a seat when I already bought a ticket????
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Katie Rose Apr 20
It’s 4/20 and my friends are all trying to get me to go out tonight after work but I’m strugglin to choose between sleep or night out
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I hate cute girls they give me sinful thoughts. .
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Amy Dohmen 11h
Replying to @Ke11yDodd
Nope! I look like a dumpster fire in real life.
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j e n n Apr 19
Just realized I could’ve gotten myself some carne asada fries but went for a fruit cup and coconut water lol.
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Ashley Lissette Apr 20
Pin straight hair or curls for tonight
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Taylor Borders 8h
Replying to @thatbarksgirl
I can’t drink without it 😅
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Carmen Escatel 19h
I wish I could just be barefoot 24/7 no matter where I go .
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Steve Rice 10h
Replying to @jamesdeeganMC
That mob looks about as convincing as this lot... 🤣🤣🤣
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James Smith 7h
You ever spark a wood then you have to shit but can’t take the wood with you 🤦🏾‍♂️
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♡Madai♡ Apr 19
Really want a haircut but im enjoying my length rn 🙃😬
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TheRoadToDrWalDO 13h
The tale as old as time...are these freaking pants black or navy? 😅
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HRH The Duke of Thomassin™ 7h
Replying to @HRHDukeThomas
I wanna post pictures of them, but I cannot choose. So I wont post anything. Dis tew much. .
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