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Rebecca 15h
What is the secret?!?
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FoundinTheNewYorker 46m
"In retrospect, 'The Secret,' which sold more than twenty million copies worldwide, seems a testament to the predatory optimism that characterized the years leading up to the financial crisis." January 15, 2018
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Kate Lally 18h
Can anyone recommend any good podcasts/YouTube videos re Law of Attraction/manifesting etc etc? For a love friend who’s broken her collarbone & is bored sh*tless 🙏
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Nicole Thomas 30m
Think good thoughts Speak good words Take good actions Three steps that will bring more to you than you can ever imagine.
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Swami Brahmachitta Sep 21
Replying to @TandonRaveena
Mam, all the world leaders who have inspired and influenced the world, have changed themselves first..
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CLO Sep 18
Replying to @genesway
The laws of attraction at work!
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Oscar Burgos Sep 17
Whatever you’re thinking and feeling today is creating your future
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Rob Gilbert-Warsop 15h
Replying to @Rebecca_Oatcake
It’s about 5 months old and cries a lot - and no I’m not talking about Freddie’s ego
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mumsatwork 5h
Really focus on what you want and start acting like you are already there. If you really want it, you will find a way. Don’t doubt yourself 🙌 .
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Maaro Huvinen 21m
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Shadi Sep 17
So today I receive 4 volunteer job offers and if I accept this my cousin will be pissed sa Mcdo nalang daw ako. Hahaha k. hahaha
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Nicola Haffenden Sep 17
A little bedtime reading
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John Hartnett Sep 20
But I do know this, you can cook a mans dinner with electricity .. and you can also cook the man!
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Thought for today check out and download our app on Google play store ie Karmacise or on
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Law of Attraction Sep 20
What do you want more than anything right now? Think about it a lot – feel it – and you will receive it.
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Dania 18h
Putting it out there into this universe...I want to have $30,000 in the bank next year
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Lauren Bush 7h
Introducing....side work of Ed Rambo on subjects like with his friends before the Olcott controversy (no ouija needed 😉). Rambo was in financing and…
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EuiJin over fl🌸wer Sep 19
WJSN albums' 1st day sales on Hanteo : 49 copies : 93 copies : 416 copies : 3,926 copies : 5,039 copies : 11,715 copies
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Tara Berg 2h
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