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Tessa White Feb 17
Yes, let’s give yet another PR boost to the new star of this year - calling it!
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Samuel Soo 6h
Love this!!! and are going to be amazing (I'm excited at what & will make them do)!
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Realestate News Feb 19
's Sam Wood is looking for love for his pad
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AtomicNicky Feb 16
Replying to @JennaGuillaume
I got into live tweeting because of your curated top tweets posts. I’m sad to see you go and thanks for featuring my Bachie tweets ❤️ Looking forward to what you’re doing next. If you’re writing it - I’m reading it.
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Charlie ⚔️ Feb 17
Can we get Bronson as the next Bachelor please? 🥺
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Kenny Lu Feb 17
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Sunday Night Takeaway Feb 19
SNEAK PEEK: On Sunday, Australia faves and are planning a vow renewal ceremony 🥰 The twist? They have to do EVERYTHING @ and say 😈 , 7.30 Sunday on 10.
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Anna C. Kailey Feb 19
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Former Sam Wood has "slammed" Jetstar after he and pregnant wife Snezana were stranded at the airport with their kids.
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