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Farm Fairy Crafts 24m
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Peter Santana 14h
Illustrates what therudygiuliani did with the boomerang & the whole foxnews gave him. joebiden may not be made of like was but he is…
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ginadibee Oct 7
Replying to @acoyne
sadly the election of kindergarten taunts "Takes one to know one" ? "you've done as I accuse, but abrakadabra.. ignore that I've done it too..." 1 party leader is : nothing no matter how messy seems to stick, & the others just aren't able to sling with as much tenacity.
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Stonewolf Adornments Oct 7
A few pieces made over this weekend and shipped out today, labret with a screw in half sphere attachment, pair of delrin conch plugs and delrin and ptfe labrets/philtrum stretching pieces.
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Dining Enthusiasts Oct 10
After ExxonMobil and Dow, is 3rd largest producer of chemicals and -causing C8 in :
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Replying to @MuellerSheWrote
Wait til you see Rudy and trump go at each other two fake acting badboys from NY on the biggest stage vote and lock the bums up for the sake of GOTTI...
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Dining Enthusiasts Oct 8
/non-stick products r made of chemical C8 linked2 autoimmune disorder, issue n :
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Im Still With Her🗽 9h
Lol they came for tonight.
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TrenchBabie🏚😅 Oct 11
Should've finished Yo homework , You Ran into ah Brick Wall🤧🗣
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Rhythm937ph Oct 9
The with | NP~Ain't Goin Do Sh*t by x x | | Via
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dutchschultz Oct 7
“The United States Armed Forces will not support or be involved in the operation, and United States forces, having defeated the ISIS territorial ‘Caliphate,’ will no longer be in the immediate area.” Wish you and the Don were there!
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Organic Live Food Oct 13
C8 in is linked 2 auto-immune disorder, disease, , n organ damage:
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Farm Fairy Crafts Oct 12
The Part 8- A CHEMICAL SHELL GAME How @ DuPont_News Concealed the Dangers of the New Teflon Toxin: Teflon
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Farm Fairy Crafts Oct 10
The Toxin Part 6- POISONING THE WELL, Toxic Firefighting Foam Has Contaminated U.S. Drinking Water: Teflon
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Reader of Books Knower of Things 22h
And what will happen to her? Arrest? Loss of her seat? Excoriation from her peers? No. Nothing will happen to her.
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😏Smirk Bean🇺🇸🔥 👢 Oct 14
Replying to @ItsPat19
Lol 😝 yep! Special coating
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STOP IT Oct 14
Anyone figure out how the seems like he wears ? HE ALWAYS "CONTROLS" THE NARRATIVE. You ) talk about what he wants.
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Farm Fairy Crafts Oct 14
The DuPont_News Teflon Toxin Part 7- NEW TOXIN CAUSES CANCER IN LAB ANIMALS: Teflon
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Ilse Deckers🌹🌍 Oct 14
Replying to @woukevscherrenb
En toch blijven ze de grootste partij, het lijkt ze niet te deren.
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Neil Baker Oct 13
Replying to @piersmorgan @GMB
Not a chance... piers morgan > john gotti 😎
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