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Travelogix 6 Sep 18
Exactly 3 months to go until our 3rd biennial Client Assembly in partnership with and headline sponsors & Join for the unveiling of AnalytixX2 & our first Partner Showcase Register at
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Ana Fonseca Mar 11
Here’s another demonstration of my teammates hard at work supporting a very important charity in one of our communities ! Way to go ! 🤩
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Travelogix 1 Mar 18
Huge thanks to for hosting at their new showroom launch this evening! Great new showroom guys, thanks for having us
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Chris Lewis 22 Jan 19
Replying to @TravelogixData
Farecast, fuelled by Dominos....
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Travelogix 27 Jun 17
are up for this..... Count us in!
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Christian Bartusch 30 Nov 15
just found some old meme from my time playing with . Good old times <3
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Logix 18 Sep 17
Perfect day for ’s Golf Tournament! We’re happy to be a presenting sponsor for this event.
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Stacie Olivier 16 Jan 12
😂😂 RT :  NO! RT : Yea u Will DAB 😜😝 RT : @GeezAwinner  no b
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Travelogix 14 Jun 17
Today we welcome Tim Marshall to ! Tim joins our dev team as UI/UX Developer & will be contacting users soon to discuss UI/UX!
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Travelogix 23 Apr 19
We are delighted to welcome Daniel White to today. Dan joins us as Head of Data Services. Read more below 👇
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Travelogix 2 Apr 19
Replying to @FocusTravelP
What a fantastic event put together by a wonderful team. Thank you @advantagefocus and all of the members for hosting , we really enjoyed being part of your celebrations.... Congrats and here's to your next 20 years 🥂
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Travelogix 27 Feb 17
Replying to @TravelTechEu
what a fantastic show it was for this year. We're already signed up for a bigger stand next year! See you in 2018!
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Logix 7 Jun 17
always looks forward to our annual ! Great info received & healthy treats to try.
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Chris Lewis 3 Jan 17
Looking forward to with & in Feb. New stand & 2 new products to show off...It's gonna be a big'un!
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alethia calagias 26 Oct 16
Replying to @jkneblik
Thanks for your support! created the event!
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Travelogix 25 Jun 19
Replying to @TahirLogix @ChrisLogix
Thanks to everyone at @advantagefocus for the recognition.... are absolutely buzzing! And, thanks for hosting us at , fantastic event, looking forward to next year's 👍
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Tahir Zia 16 Sep 16
After a fantastic event we want to thank u all 4 coming & making our event a huge success
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Chris Lewis 27 Nov 18
If you are attending and want to stay at the awesome following the Client Assembly after party be quick as rooms are booking up fast... last few available. Contact to book!
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Tahir Zia 12 Oct 17
Join me at Summit today for my session focused on Traveller Safety Tracking and Data Reporting
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Michael Mann Mar 16
I am so thankful to the leadership at NLP Logix that planned for our financial stability to weather the storm that is here. Thanks
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