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🐉}°&TARA ~ก©©E÷!..[48~z2z96c/4}@😂}ปพ🐍แรพรุจ้ Mar 24
1 Genr 8 Shen. Secured. 3 Of 3. SECURED.
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George Washington 28 Sep 15
Guys did you hear that the British are taxing tea now this is just down right stupid.
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niveK 24 Nov 14
This country isn't gonna change until we get a Loyalist president in office.
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Antonio Silva 8 Oct 13
is perhaps my favorite episode. Absolutely amazing.
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James Sheldrake 4 Jul 12
Happy Birthday America, Have a tea-riffic 4th July
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Kim Broadbent Sep 15
Listened to a lecture on the thinking I didn't know much about that time period. Quickly realized that through my love of and as well as my research on and I oddly knew quite a lot of random context
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BeeNewsDaily Dec 4
Replying to @WestmonsterUK
Unbelievable that seeks a blanket under the , for the benefits, but once GB was a fighter to protect their and sovereignty. Where has the sovereignty in gone?
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