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Peter Morley Sep 20
So we're CLEAR about : *She turned her back on ACA when she voted for 2017 *She turned her back on when she voted for Kavanaugh *Now she turned her back on something meaningful to when she dismissed on Tues.
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DCPetterson Sep 21
Replying to @dcpetterson
They're on record for Kavanaugh. They're on record for baby cages. They're on record for a border wall. They're on record for repealing health care. They're on record for the . We know they support Trump in every way. Adding Trump's crimes won't matter.
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Whitley for President 6h
Politicians always say "Small businesses are the backbone of our country!", but do nothing to held them. My plan is simple; replace with a tax exempt status for US companies that have 100% of their production within the US. Corporate welfare
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The 28th 4h
Replying to @rmasher2
Workers/consumers are 70% of GDP, they should get ALL the tax cuts yet the Republican raised taxes 1 Trillion dollars on middle class property owners! Why did the Norquistlings ignore their no tax pledge? Why did Republican Media Millionaires remain silent?
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Marc N Cunat 4h
Trump’s GOP policy has failed our country. We need leaders worthy of trust and confidence. 🇺🇸
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Jodi Jacobson 20h
Replying to @jljacobson
Suffice it to say U should read it because it's deeply personal and also deeply political; it's about our democracy right now and in the future. It details virtually every fight of the last three years, from efforts to eliminate to the to Kavanaugh. Buy it; read it.
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A. Smith 6h
Replying to @QuancyClayborne @GOP
Most of the "welfare", just like the went to the wealthiest farmers. Who will then use it to gobble up the smaller bankrupt farms.
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Jenny H. Sep 14
I doubt it since the .
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JR Taxation Sep 22
Be alert to phone where criminals pose as IRS agents in hopes of stealing money or info.
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mukesh vig Sep 22
India's an Amazing Country With even More Amazing People Corporate Tax @ 22% Individuals Tax @ 30% and Citizens are celebrating ~ 😂😂
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Kevin byDesign 16h
Replying to @MittRomney
Bow down to to your dictator*, or suffer the wrath of * & his Russian bots. Trump* is the unreligious economic version of yourself. God doesn’t help the trickle down Work any better Mitt, Check the deficit. 🔥💥💸🧨🎈
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DavidAHowes Sep 21
This is such a lie! All has done is a -- which will result in an .
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Carlo Fiorletta Sep 17
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prem mano Sep 20
Rightly said. This festive season I'll be very careful in spendings until govt considers taxation on individual 5%, 20%, 30% and logically 5% is no more
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Peter Sep 20
Nobody has lied more than the about the , health care, and what the "Dems stand for." Sit down.
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Smart Spy appointed by China Sep 20
there has been clear double taxation in the economy since independence.. ideally - direct taxes or indirect taxes - only one of them should be levied all govts have conveniently overlooked because it works out well for them
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Mississippi Department of Revenue Sep 18
Watch out for this new
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JBert⚾️🏈⛳️ 18h
Ha! Why does it take creativity? Implementing student loan relief would’ve been simple before you and the gave all the money away with the ! Interesting choice of words to say the least.
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LIZ  MD Sep 21
your self dealing is blowing up the deficit.
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Mullen Sep 21
All thanks to tRump and the .
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