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AnonyMouse May 22
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
RIGHT.......Pro life EXCEPT for the helping millions of kids scared they’ll be gunned down at school. Pro life EXCEPT for taking away CHIP health care for kids. Pro life EXCEPT when current & future generations pay for your
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Val Miller May 23
Replying to @realDonaldTrump @GOP
1) Truth is American's are losing their jobs thanks to Trump's You lied to Harley Davidson 800 lose their jobs! Trump's touted his tax scam bill “Tax reform can put American manufacturers and American companies like Harley-Davidson on a much better footing to
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Patricia Villaescusa May 22
Replying to @jesseahamilton @GOP
U.S. banks' first-quarter profit is of $56 billion Thanks to the who took from the poor to give it to the rich❗️
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S B Hammel 51m
Gas is up 31% since last Memorial Day. Is America great yet? It certainly is for Big Oil. And all those corporations using the mammoth tax cut to buy back their own stock.
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Rob May 19
I’d like to remind everyone that added $1.8 trillion dollars to the budget DEFICIT to finance HUGE for the rich while giving tiny, soon to be EXPIRING tax cuts to the middle class.
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For Tax Fairness May 24
Harley-Davidson is another example of how ’s tax plan was one giant . After promising to use its tax cuts to create jobs in the U.S., the corp laid off 800 workers & is opening a factory in Thailand & spending $700M buying back its own stock, rewarding shareholders.
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Bron May 22
More proof that the bill was truly a scam ... all the money going to the very wealthy ... not you! "Main use of corporate America’s tax savings will be takeovers and stock buybacks, not capital investment or hiring"
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Saintsswimmom May 23
And still voted for the
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Raging Bull NO TRUMP May 21
Gas is up 57% since President Dotard took the wheel. There goes your $5 bucks a week dollars plus some. !!!!
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Obamacare May 24
An additional 3 million Americans will go uninsured NEXT YEAR because of Republicans' health care sabotage. By repealing the individual mandate as part of their , premiums are rising and too many will forgo coverage.
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OFA WI 47m
"Corporate stock buybacks hit a record $178 billion in the first three months of 2018; avg. hourly earnings for American workers are up $0.67 over the past year." The ISN'T creating enough jobs, but it IS leaving hardworking Americans out to dry.
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Susan English May 22
Replying to @SenFeinstein
When will the Senate and House members DO something to stop his destructive action? What will it take?
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Swing Left 7h
American businesses have received 9 times more in cuts from the than they've passed down to their workers.
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DCResisterBee🐝 7h
Harley Corporation used $700 MILLION in tax cuts to prop up the Stock Price - giving to the rich shareholders Cuts actual workers, jobs + plant to move overseas to make even MORE money (off cheaper exploited labor) Now Paul Ryan wants to cut Medicare - 'cause "deficit"
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Bron May 24
The bill just keeps on giving! Just not to you. Not to workers. Not to anyone except Big Corps and Big Money. Everyone knew this was how it would play. The GOP did this on purpose to please their masters. Not too concerned about you.
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Indivisible MN-03 5h
Yet has voted to hide Trump’s taxes/finances many times.
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Joe Madison May 23
The tax cuts were supposed to save jobs. And Harley Davidson went ahead and put 350 people out of work.
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sharks May 17
Replying to @Bart150 @IndivisibleOP
Selective outrage in 1 chart ↓ (the $1.5T wouldn’t fit) (nor Trump’s own $1B estate tax ✂️)
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Debbie May 16
So, tell me, what is it like having cancer care? I am being denied it as if this moment. I was thrown under the chemo chair by your vote for the I am sorry that you are dying of brain cancer, but I will never forgive you and the rest of the GOP for this.
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Missouri AFL-CIO May 24
Video from on Harley's Greed after the .
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