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Susana Tupper Aug 14
Word is is sending some fancy mailers 2 convince voters that we benefited from the . We know better every week when we get R paychecks. ? 4 R "representative". How much of R taxes were spent on this campaign piece disguised as an educational mailer?
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Kimberly Carrillo Aug 11
I’m a teacher and my wages decreased due to changes in withholdings parameters. It wasn’t a small decrease either. Also, as a single mother who doesn’t get the child tax credit my overall tax obligation increased. This whole has been a disaster for me.
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Claudia B. G. Aug 17
Wow. Some people are able to buy autos with money from the . Not happening at my house. We are trying to figure out how to pay for health insurance.
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Rebecca B Guinn Aug 10
Hey, Tom Mcclintock where is that old deficit hawk. Raised my taxes with which also raised the deficit 20%, but can afford walls, space force, farmer bailout (trumps tarriffs). But can't afford fire prevention and firefighters, preexisting healthcare, SS,medicare, VA
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XuXu 🔜 🌊🌊🌊 Aug 17
Replying to @votevets
The fucking balls on this guy, to cite "budget deficits" as a reason to go along with his privatization plan when his family received millions of a tax break from this administration's that blows up our deficit beyond repair.
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Patriotic Millionaires Aug 14
"Trump can brag all he likes about an average wage gain, but that doesn’t tell us much about how wage increases are distributed, much less tell us whether taxpayers feel better off."
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James Delcampo Aug 13
, , money spent on his properties, tax breaks for the 1%, , etc, the list goes on and on. He promised us "The Best" healthcare. Are we great yet? What has he done for the middle and lower class? in November.
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Patriotic Millionaires Aug 10
If you were wondering where your $4000 raise went, look no further…
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claudiawatch Aug 17
One would think one of her big corporate donors could foot this bill with all that money they’re saving from the
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Jeff Ralston Aug 16
Replying to @docrocktex26
Every sensible person knew the would not produce economic benefits or fend off soaring deficits.
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Scott Elrod Aug 17
His blatant lies concerning the ACA the and his latest support for Kavanaugh place squarely as a senator not working in the best interest of his constituents. He deserves no rest no peace and no job. Definitely not our respect.
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Bob Krause 12h
Did really say we'll have to cut , and benefits? Why'd she fail 2 mention her role in squeaking thru the Senate? It gutted govt revenue stream & will contribute to this disaster 4 all.
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Geni Donaghey Aug 11
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Bend the Arc: CU Aug 13
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Resist and Vote 24h
We could also move on to the next group that aren’t paying their fair share of taxes: corporations. What happened to all that money that was supposed to repatriated by corporations due to the ?
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lynne johnson Aug 15
I have not seen my $1,400 tax break in my paycheck. My company has supplied all employees new mugs made in China though.
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🐝 RC McEntire Aug 15
Replying to @Stonekettle @fuglydug
There was record stock buybacks in 2008 just before the housing bubble burst. Just like what is happening this year after the . This is all by design. Shits going to get rocky for normal Americans. I hope I am wrong, guess we will see.
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Frank Zupan Aug 18
Replying to @senrobportman @GOP
It seems your has put only the top 1% of Americans first. Hmmmm
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Jim Ho Aug 10
Replying to @senrobportman
Many Ohioans have to struggle with the unresponsiveness of Rob Portman. -Your personal $$$$ profit on the bill you wrote? -What is “Patient Centered Health Care”? -Your NRA $$$$ and the Russian Connection? -Your BIg Pharma $$$$ and its influence on your policy?
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LRG Aug 17
Replying to @SenSherrodBrown
Because corporate taxes have been slashed. It’s all the bottom line. Nothing was put into the bill to protect workers. Fully free market doesn’t work. Additionally most jobs go to automation and robotics. We need full new training for future technology
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