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James Morgenroth 10m
You getting placed into a new tax bracket would not have been Clinton's fault. By that logic the little pay increase from this would have done the same thing anyways.
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Randy Bryce Feb 15
. somehow forgot to mention this while bragging about his tax bill on WISN this morning. This is what happens when politicians ignore their constituents and vote for handwritten scribbles in the middle of the night. This is a .
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Tom Tito Feb 16
Republican was on the backs of veterans.
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Move to Amend 16h
Wow. This really puts it in perspective. Bribery, plain and simple. (h/t )
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Rob 2h
Replying to @GOP @nprpolitics
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Leigh Feb 16
Replying to @funder
We must be able to UNDO all of the UNAMERICAN shit done by EO and the and get rid of ALL of those damn dangerously unqualified cabinet appointees.(Gorsuch too) Think we can do that if the election is declared NULL&VOID?Could President Obama come back in the interim? HOPE
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donaldtrumpnewstoday Feb 13
With the United healthcare is set to have $1.7 billion in profits. Did anyone receive a letter saying their premiums were decreasing??? The CEO Stephen Hemsley’s salary last year was $66.13 million. I can’t imagine why premiums are so high!!
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PieterIdenburg 16m
Replying to @andylassner
He’s in good company with some other millionaires or billionaires who are ripping the country apart.
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Kevin Landry 🇺🇸 16h
The increased the deficit by $1.5 trillion, so that means it adds about $5,000 to every American's share of the debt (if split evenly), thus counteracting the tax break for middle/lower earners.
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Replying to @BetoORourke @GOP
My paycheck went up $35 thanks to the so I’m pledging that money to a Democratic challenger every two weeks. Today’s donation goes to
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Zulu2005 Feb 16
Replying to @marcushjohnson
He got the tax break he fought so hard to get, and the berniebots wanna claim he's not working for corporations 😂
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rebebebozo 14h
. is a shill for the Koch Bros with zero integrity, courage or morality. He's prostituted himself for the . We know his price-500 K.
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Larissa Fieldman 13h
I just donated to Marcia, because a little bit now is worth more than a lot just before the election. Join me! (And use your money to do it!)
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Winston Churchill 15h
Tell us, what was YOUR PERSONAL PROFIT from the ?
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Penny 18h
And there you have it. One of the many lies Republicans told the public about the bill.
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Bad Girl Productionz Feb 15
Q&A 👉Did your household average this net?⬆⬇ Marc Lore, CEO e-commerce Wal-Mart made $243.9M CEO Alphabet's Googe Sundar Pichai $199.7 M Robert J. Couryl Mylan $136.8M Thomas Rutledge Charter Communications CEO $98.5M CBS CEO Les Moonves $69.5M
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TheeNurseNut/WeAreMueller 💙❄️💙 Feb 18
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daniel smith 23h
How can the Hoffman donor say he is for fiscal conservatives when this GOP controlled govt added 5-10 Trillion with their budgets and ? What the fuck is conservative or fiscal about that? You guys are fucking insane.
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Maggie Nieves 10h
is Milking American has the best criminals WORKING in the White House in every Department . and also receiving kickbacks.. #45 you scratch my back, I Scratch your back.. all a scam , scam ALL
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theRapptture 🕷‏ 8h
Replying to @realDonaldTrump @GOP
Companies are coming back to take advantage of the that old out of touch judas's had lobbyist write in the cover of darkness behind closed doors & rush out that screws the majority, pays the rich and has loopholes you could drive a truck through. You treacherous 💩.
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