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Tanya Muzinda Oct 9
Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce formed in 1983 is a beacon for empowering African Women as hope of our Nation , a big network maintained since independence . It's great to be the first Sports person accorded this prestigious award under Sports and Culture.
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Tanya Muzinda Dec 31
Start of the Decade End of the Decade
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Tanya Muzinda Nov 4
Preparations is the mother of all success. Make excuses to succeed and keep Going
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Tanya Muzinda Nov 14
Consistency is harder when no one is clapping for you , You must clap for yourself during these times , you should be always your biggest supporter . Make excuses to succeed and keep Going.
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Soca263 Sep 9
Replying to @TanyaMuzinda
Go 🇿🇼 The Indomitable Mighty Warrior- Keep Zimbabwe Smiling 🇿🇼💪🏾
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Milton Ncube Sep 10
With so much negativity in our sport at the moment, so proud of this brave little girl.
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Sports Anchor Interview with 🇿🇼Motocross Prodigy during training at Coming Soon 🏁
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The Future Is Now. Don’t Get Left Behind. 🇿🇼 🌎🌍🌏🏁 To learn more about click the link in Bio 🌐
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¥en €uro Marketing INC Sep 20
15-year old biker took on a men’s world of and left them in the dust! 🏁 🇿🇼
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The biker girl presenting the outstanding arts awards won by
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NetOne Cellular Sep 17
Congratulations on your nomination . This is exciting news. You deserve it👏👍👍
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¥en €uro Marketing INC Nov 18
Congratulations  on getting a Sponsorship from - Athlete Nutrition Program for the 2020 Season
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Tanya Muzinda Oct 2
"I' d rather regret the risks that didn't work out , than the chances l didn't take at all- Simon Biles
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ImportantlyNice 18 Jun 18
Not only is this young girl taking on the boys in motocross, she's on her way to becoming the first-ever champ from Africa. Meet
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ZW Entrepreneur 27 Apr 17
Power to you Haru for showcasing this talented girl to the world
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Exclusive interview with airing tomorrow morning at 9am Fri. Nov. 1st Welcome to the U.S.A. 🇺🇸Muzinda Family 🇿🇼 Journalist: 🏁
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Shumba Yekwa Chipangamati Sep 2
And she is just 15 years old .Thank you Tanya for the good work. .
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Purvis Adamson Jr. Aug 31
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l-L_-p 15 Jun 18
🔥🔥🔥 🇿🇼's female motocross champion is breaking gender barriers at just 12 years old - Face2Face Africa
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| We are crushing on the talented and inspiring .You make us
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