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Wazza 25 Feb 16
health insurance going up April1 the jokes on nib cause I'm out &him not the only1
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Replying to @Janette_Ewen @Oprah
Your context, please? All the world's a carnival & many r tired of being by pernicious conductors like …$Ø$
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Nick Newman 17 Jul 14
Replying to @davidawhalley
true and I do believe in BR. What I have the problem with is that rail is not a huge concern for government.
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Shane0 16 Sep 14
Australia has this same problem!!
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Kulgan of Crydee 3 Jul 13
Wish I could live in a £500k home free of charge
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Mitchell Calley 27 Jan 15
I think this may be a situation.
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Rahul Jan 5
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Richard Mollel Nov 6
Book price is equivalent to monthly income of those you are writing about 🙈. Are there discounts for the local population?
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Faustine 18 Nov 15
i wonder if kenyans just thought it would be nice to hack @ other to death for no reason.
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MoAfrika Malepa 11 Sep 13
Tonight's episode of Scandal on e-TV was a repeat of last night or there was something wrong with my TV set?
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King J 12 Jan 13
Anyways back to the funnier things in life, -->": We were good tonite" really? With a goalless draw. Come on guys!
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Charles Taylor 29 Jan 16
Replying to @DStvCare
Its understandable if the decoder ceased due electrical prob,but no new software? It's a damn poor excuse & rip-off.
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Christopher Chung 26 May 13
Replying to @Shane0Meara
hhah oh yeah...but why she still asking for money she has 2.80 now
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Kilimo  Jack 5 Feb 15
Replying to @JumiaKenya
Your pupported deal for 10.00Am in your flash sales was a fraud!
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Kim 2 Apr 16
Replying to @JeffWRidge
and if he's so strong on immigration, y is this guy working 4 him?
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Politics will decide the fate of daladala
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Mark Quinn 2 Nov 11
@ghook Interesting link on the identity of the unsecured bond holders
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Master J 12 Jan 13
that's what you get for associating with mediocrity!
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Matilda Raynolds 7 Jul 15
Replying to @danicaleys @afsnsw
Sorry to hear the news team after you and so many have done so much positive work.
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Jenny Arata 12 Jan 15
Replying to @JeffGelberg
I think that's called
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