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Ugly Xmas Sweaters 4m
Custom 3-D Furry Fuzzy The Abominable Snowman Light up Tacky Ugly Christmas Sweater All sizes, S, M, L, XL, XXL, 1x, 2X, 3X, 4X (Tweeted via )
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Twilight Runner Jul 11
Replying to @paul_wilcock1
Typical scousers
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ig: @theeviralaudio 7h
A tribute to someone and you’re all apart of it?
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gιηєттє נαмєѕ Jul 15
I see you're keeping it classy Kirksville.
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CirclingTheDrain Jul 16
Replying to @RepLeeZeldin
Sounds like textbook gaslighting to me... one should reflect on what one does wrong to make it better rather than blame everyone else... typical Zeldin
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Scott Galloway 18h
Replying to @apasztor82
Only thing I didn’t like on the 60’s were the lights on the rear fenders....
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amundefined Jul 13
doesnt do this justice. Your idea of fashion is beyond tacky!
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CirclingTheDrain Jul 13
Replying to @hodgetwins
Typical high school bully style that has to confront (with camera in hand) when she’s wearing the damn pin for moments like this in the first place... the pin wearer is gross , you can tell by her tone
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Lydia Hall ❄️🌊 Jul 13
Replying to @deb2nine @AudraLemons
It’s sad that you think the point of a wedding is to “own the libs.” 🙄
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Lee Harvey Tea Bag Jul 12
Why am I seeing bare breasts and a sex scene in the first 15 minutes of a dramatized documentary? Is this not the definition of gratuitous?
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sienna✨ Jul 13
I wish y’all stop wearing them furry slides with dresses 🥴
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🌸Rebecca🌸 Jul 12
I had a bath this morning and shaved my armpits so decided to leave the deodorant off for a bit as I am not sure if wearing it straightaway is good for you and ewww
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RealNews or FakeNews Jul 10
I don't see a shipper more than twice a week these days. I see no reason to cut circulation in my feet unnecessarily for hours. I keep my work boots next to me for when I need to slide them on. I have no issue with truck drivers in flipflops but flip flops at a shipper is .
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. Saying "Grab Her by the Pussy" via
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Rebecca Jul 13
When you win the fight with your coworker for the weekend off, so she just calls off sick to do her thing.
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runj Jul 13
Replying to @CBSNews
Exactly what I would expect 🗑🗑🗑! Sad really that you would destroy your wedding by cult of personality, it’s like having a Hitler themed wedding- gross!
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Chelle Belle 💄💙👄💙💅🌊 20h
Who needs a extra Bobby Pin when you could just ask Dorit who has a head full of barrettes
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JeannieJuno Jul 16
And along comes another bandwagon for Yvette. Another chance for yet more virtue signalling. Never misses!!
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CedyCed Jul 16
Sorry I agree with & about the and issue, definitely should be focusing on the love happening between the couple and they wouldn't have hired a photographer in the first place, phones during the ceremony = 🤣
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#Starshine760 Jul 15
Has any1 seen on & documentary ? No wonder she looked so familiar lol.
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