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A. Marzano-Lesnevich Apr 17
I wrote about flying as a non-binary trans person for . Did you know a TSA agent guesses your gender every time you step into the screening portal? Yes-- yours, too.
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Tabani's School 3h
Sports Gala Inaugurated by honorable Sir Sharif Tabani. — feeling excited
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Adrienne Lawrence 9h
Silicon Valley needs diversity if it wants to maximize the money.
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Dr. Roy Schestowitz (罗伊) 3m
Does the Discriminate Against Black Women?
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Edwin Falcon Apr 12
Replying to @TSA_Pekoske @DHSgov
Best of luck Sir ! We stand with you !
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Toshia Shaw 18h
The patdowns I receive in the airport because of my hair should involve a cigarette afterward. I’m so sick of it!
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Smugly Whiplash 🏳️‍🌈 Apr 18
Replying to @AngryBlackLady
I have an implanted medical device containing metals detected by an X-ray for 5+ years. Wanna know the one & only thing that set off the alarms, multiple times? My ponytail holder - the kind with NO METAL at all.
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Sam Halen Apr 17
I’ve never been more offended. Airport security just told me I looked like Joey Fatone.
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the Queer child 8h
it’s a pain going through the Tsa as a trans non-binary individual ,I just high key want to like teleport to where ever I want to go or drive like hi , I would do that but that’s not realistic when teleportation is not real and driving through water would drown me so.😑🙈😤
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Trackimo Apr 19
Celebrity or not, everyone goes through airport security. Keep these tips in mind to make your airport security experience better than your previous one. >>
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Destiny. 15h
Yo!! I’ve always thought this cuz every time I go through TSA they feel my head or there’s a flag on my head on the scanner. scanners disproportionately flag Black travelers because the machines can't read certain hairstyles
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Mekhanics 15h
With a 95% failure rate let’s not act like what is doing is ACTUALLY working.
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Brooke Jarrett 2h
Replying to @theoriginalbrk
💁🏽‍♀️ make an effort, people. In the end, you’ll end up with a better product. (What about the bottom line? Well, your target demographic grows, and in the case of the , you’d have a more efficient operation — If you weren’t unnecessarily stopping innocent Black women!)
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John Garcia 13h
The story about the scanners is a nothing story. Just another desperate attempt to cry racism because we actually love racism. Makes for a great story and the reactions of the sheep also makes a great story. On to the next one.
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inveeca Apr 17
1. TSA The Special Presidential Investigation Panel for the Recovery of Public Property on Wednesday, April 17, 2019, said it had recovered the sum of 20 million dollars from one of the commercial banks in the country.
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Lo and glow! 👾 Apr 12
I hate flying in the United States. Today at SFO I dealt with TSA shoving their hands down my pants. Getting felt up in the name of national security 😒
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LaShanda 18h
Replying to @propublica @slf19
So this is why I get pulled aside at the airport & my hair gone through? I’ve been pissed forever about this!
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Yardarm Apr 19
Ah. Another flight and another aggressive pat down from . Thanks for the ‘random’ selection. Makes me feel pretty 😘
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Clay Montgomery ⒶⓋ฿☮🏴 10h
Replying to @TRHLofficial
I never go through the “scanner” and always opt out if my doesn’t work. They grope and feel me all over and I usually moan and grunt and make them as uncomfortable as possible. are creeps and deserve scorn.
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Amy Garver 12h
So proud of how well our students performed at the TSA state competition!
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